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Great forum. Love being here.
I was told deeper face harder to launch and it flys Lower. So if you have slow swing speed you need slimmer face and wider crown like g20/5 or k15 3 wood. That's what I am doing
5 PGAs this year with any eqpt is not the eqpt that does it it's user. He'll get it in 14. His woman situation is under control. His mind is clear now
I hope Phil on the right day gets it. He has what it takes. And he is a fellow lefty.
It's not the nike eqpt. It's the woman he had. As soon as he or she dropped her or him. He almost one HSBC.
He did well on the last one he played. His short game was money
Hoping for 1 major for him and he can do same on his regular PGA wins as in 13
That's what I am working on too. I either hit it fat and get stock in turf or sweep with not a lot of spin. Need lessons as I know what I am doing wrong just need someone to watch me real time and correct me
That's why I need lessons. Need to get my wife on board
I don't complain as I slow play too sometime as I am still learning
New Posts  All Forums: