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Traded my Ping G2 for a Nike Machspeed SQ 9.5 and Callaway bag to match my irons... thanks craigslist
ouch!!yah - the advantages of the Midwest i guess.  that being said, its a rickety, floodplain, old rattrap of a place.  but therin lies its charm. 
im thankful I was able to put together my Learn-to-play-again bag and my 5 year olds junior bag for pennies!
I go to a "$5-all-u-can-hit" range so i hit usually a couple hundred a session.  Had to take off last two weeks because i went on a binger and ripped several chunks of skin of my mitts.    But ive been working on proper line up and arm angles on drives and hybrids.   I can pretty much get 9 of 10 balls in a washbucket at 15 yards so im trying to get my Med-Short irons consistent so i can take advantage of my short game.    Most importantly im trying to find a really...
Tonight im picking up my new-to-me Callaway Diablo Edge SW 54 degree (stock graphite) to finish my 3h-SW set.  Ordered off Ebay and ill be picking it up at the UPS location so the wife doesnt see that i bought another club...its a sickness you know.   But thats some 007 stuff right there.    Now all i need is a 60 deg CG14 and im set to hit the course for the first time in 5 years. 
thanks - ill hit the heated driving range this winter and really get into it
thanks guys
lived in a townhome for a while.  had a full 9 iron swing sized lot in the back.  shanked one through the parking lot ....hit nothing. 
Ok, so this golf thing is pretty hard.    backswing / transition / downswing question: so i know theres 48,000 tips to improve swing dynamics such as: a) twitch your left glute westward on impact b) carry a bearded gecko named ralph in your golf bag c) whistle your favorite Beiber song whence approaching the tee box.    but - i ve been watching alot of golf lately and i find that some pros rip the club back and tear into the downswing and some really float the club...
i shall also try this advice,just broke my junker 8 iron trying to swing under that ball.  youd think i was mining for ore. 
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