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Sorry all, but don't think I'm going to be able to make it. If it was the Saturday before or after the 9th I could have.
He may be a good golfer, but that doesn't make him a good instructor. Some people just can't teach. Don't let one bad instructor sour you on taking lessons though. Lessons (from good instructors) will fast-forward your progress considerably. Good luck!
Sounds like you just got a bad instructor. I've taken 3 lessons in the past and every lesson really helped my game (3 different instructors). I used to have a terrible hook and the instructor fixed my hook after only one lesson. Haven't hooked it since. I'd recommend trying a different instructor. Maybe you'll haven better luck next time.
Encinitas Ranch is a good suggestion. They enforce pace of play there so the round shouldn't take more then 4 hours. Plus it's a nice course and close to the ocean so it won't be too hot.   Edit: I'll be attending this one.
Front left: nothing (too hard to reach in pocket with glove on) Front right: ball, couple tees, ball mark tool, coin for marking ball Back left: glove Back right: iPhone (GPS app on it)
I vote Temecula Creek.
I signed up. Not sure what I will tell the gf if I win....
Seven. I get bored playing my home course all the time, so at least once a month I will go play a different course.
I took a lesson today and the instructor asked if he could hit my new 2.0 driver. He hit a half dozen balls and was very impressed with it.
To each his own...
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