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Front left: nothing (too hard to reach in pocket with glove on) Front right: ball, couple tees, ball mark tool, coin for marking ball Back left: glove Back right: iPhone (GPS app on it)
I vote Temecula Creek.
I signed up. Not sure what I will tell the gf if I win....
Seven. I get bored playing my home course all the time, so at least once a month I will go play a different course.
I took a lesson today and the instructor asked if he could hit my new 2.0 driver. He hit a half dozen balls and was very impressed with it.
To each his own...
Sunny and 75 degrees. Fortunately that is the temperature here in San Diego most of the year. Ha
Certain websites will offer prices lower then they are supposed to. I know who they are and buy my stuff cheaper on them myself. I don't see any price drops on any of the large golf retailer sites however.   Edit: Finally got my 2.0 driver this week and love it.
More like 2-3 months.
I wish it would stop. My pool is about to overflow.....
New Posts  All Forums: