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5.5 hours. Mission Trails Golf Course here in San Diego. Won't play there again. They have a reputation for long rounds since they don't enforce pace of play. Too many nice courses around SD to play 5+ hour rounds. I won't play at a course that doesn't enforce pace of play. I love to golf, but I want to get in and out in 4 hours or less.
Welcome! I'm from the San Diego area myself. BENtSwing32's golf course list pretty much covers San Diego golf. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how far you want to drive. I'd recommend you look into a JC Golf membership. JC Golf owns 7 courses around San Diego, and their membership is a great deal if you plan to golf regularly.
Sorry all, but don't think I'm going to be able to make it. If it was the Saturday before or after the 9th I could have.
He may be a good golfer, but that doesn't make him a good instructor. Some people just can't teach. Don't let one bad instructor sour you on taking lessons though. Lessons (from good instructors) will fast-forward your progress considerably. Good luck!
Sounds like you just got a bad instructor. I've taken 3 lessons in the past and every lesson really helped my game (3 different instructors). I used to have a terrible hook and the instructor fixed my hook after only one lesson. Haven't hooked it since. I'd recommend trying a different instructor. Maybe you'll haven better luck next time.
Encinitas Ranch is a good suggestion. They enforce pace of play there so the round shouldn't take more then 4 hours. Plus it's a nice course and close to the ocean so it won't be too hot.   Edit: I'll be attending this one.
Front left: nothing (too hard to reach in pocket with glove on) Front right: ball, couple tees, ball mark tool, coin for marking ball Back left: glove Back right: iPhone (GPS app on it)
I vote Temecula Creek.
I signed up. Not sure what I will tell the gf if I win....
Seven. I get bored playing my home course all the time, so at least once a month I will go play a different course.
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