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I'm pretty sure the 20 yards longer claims come from the videos they have with their Tour pros. They have them hit their gamer 6 and their new 6 iron with "Face-Cup Technology", and then have the pros pace off the distance. It's always over 20 yards. Of course they never specify the loft and length of the 6 irons used.  Just youtube "Callaway Patrick Reed Facecup" you should be able to find it. 
I can tell you that if you're looking for RocketBladez wait for the golf show. I live in Ontario Canada and just went to one today and there were several Rocketbladez sets for $400. I can only assume the prices will be better than that in the states. 
No love for DeLaet??? Next Canadian to win a major, calling it now! 
Anyone used this website before? 
They've got some pretty nice deals lately. I haven't been able to find any recent reviews from customers, can anyone share their experiences with this site? 
Callaway pre owned has buy 1 wood or hybrid get another free. just google them
Summer -> Golf, Winter -> Squash. I wish I could golf year round, but i'd probably be broke if I could. 
I packed up my clubs a few weeks ago due to cold weather and recent snow, but a few days ago it went up to 17 degrees, and my local range was still open. Managed to hit the ball on the opposite side of the shaft and hit myself in the shin with the ball. Clubs are now officially packed away for the winter... 
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