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Best is subjective; my "best" inexpensive choice is the Nike PD Softs - a gross was $100 ($8.33/dz).Back to the OP, first I've heard of them and you're probably right, a D2 model badged just for Target.
Cute but they seem to take up too much room - I'll pass.
Top of the list for any prospective buyer of the brand would be a non-compete clause on Scotty (110% sure he's under one now, albeit for quite a hefty sum) - without it, the value of the brand would be quite a bit lower.
Excellent point here. And the final decisions over brand selling/buying are mostly how the numbers, as in $, work out. If Nike is willing to pay enough, the bean counters at Titleist may say "go for it". All involved will believe its win-win.
Its getting very close - tomorrow the high is 31* and windy, occasional snow flurries. Rained most of today.
Welcome to the forum Bertrans!
Welcome to the forum Andrea!
Thanks for keeping us up to date Ben, hit 'em straight!
Must be the new math. I count only 8 holes played.
Nice job shooting your PB on that course!
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