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About 30 years. Played & caddied when I was a teenager of 16, didn't start back up until I was 47.
58 rounds since April 1 on 31 different courses.
If your serious, a degree in civil engineering will help you propel an entry into course designing.
A chuckle...a very small chuckle. But that & your signature saying you haven't gotten out to play in 2 months forced my reply. :D
uh, yeah, you need to get out. seriously :)
Kinda what i was leading up to.
Don't forget that when posting scores for handicapping purposes, a score also has to be declared as non-tournament or tournament. The tournament declaration may kick in a different procedure for evaluating subsequent HCIs. So there is, in my view, 3.
I play by the rules while most of my friends that I play with do not (playing the ball up, not taking penalties correctly, etc) I have managed to get my usual golf partner to play right because he enjoys match play and I won't play unless its "by the book". I must have 5 copies of that rule book laying around handy.
I can usually leave a little early to get a full round in during the summer months, 9 holes during the winter. Both the company owners are golfers and understand when I want to leave early as long as there isn't anything pressing. Extremely rare to work a Saturday. Today I'm taking the afternoon off as vacation for a 2pm tee time, did the same last week.
Tell your friend outright that you'd be afraid of the damage that would occur if the loan wasn't paid back and if he wants to continue with the process is there some kind of collateral that he could put up or sign a formal loan document.As far as your BIL, start dropping hints/tidbits that you haven't forgotten about it. I would say in casual conversation "Hey [BIL], do you remember that $5000 loan? Have you thought about how I might be able to get that back?". You'll...
New Posts  All Forums: