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FYI, free golf this week at Raisin River in Monroe, part of their annual customer appreciation week. $13 for cart fee. This week's 70s temperatures may be the last hoorah of the year.
What happens if you open your stance and club face just a little bit?
I knee knock, like Arnold Palmer but not as acute.
yep, about a month ago at The Grand GC. I was all geeked up for it, the first of four I was playing on a long weekend. Shot my highest score in over 2 years, what a disappointment; should have played one tee closer.
Agreed, the eGolf tournament in Michigan is well run. Sorry to hear the Dallas chapter is having problems.
Without positively knowing the group in front of you moved your ball I believe you proceeded with the only option available - play it from where you found it.
Heck of a deal for Lakewood at "Lesson on golf".
Amen! What is that called 8.5_drive?
A ribeye at La Casa de Caballo in Saltillo Mexico.
I'm right there with you
New Posts  All Forums: