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+1, exactly.
There is an amazing concentration of golf courses surrounding Detroit with cheap rates. Every time I go to visit or work in other parts of the country I'm disappointed at the few selections or the prices or both; spoiled I guess. Back to the OP, that part of Michigan is desperate for anything that will attract more visitors since the air force base closed. Hope it works out. I'd like to give it a try.
On an outing last Sunday, guy I was with bladed his 3rd 40 yards past the green and beyond some low hanging trees. His 4th, a punch to get under the trees, hits the cart path that circles the green, bounces up over the green-surrounding berm, drops into to 2nd cut, slowing the ball enough to roll into the cup about 7 yards off the back. The rest of us asked him "how did you time the windmill?"
Its okay to play the same tees but learn to play your game and not theirs. If you're on a long par 4, accept the fact its going to take 3 to get on the green. It makes a nice easy drive that you can concentrate on keeping it on the fairway and not worry about the distance. The 2nd shot is an iron/fw wood/hybrid that will position you for a short iron to the green. Basically, train yourself not to hit the hero shorts - usually those long 2nd shots to the green. Every...
My confidence with my driver is high right now (end of the season, of course) and my 3-wood off the deck is in the toilet; its been out of the bag for a while now favoring the 5 wood.
putter, 52*
The market for old clubs is not nearly good enough to make a profit. If it took you a minute to catalog & photograph each club to prepare for online auction, it would take you over 16 weeks working 8 hours / day, 5 days / week to get it all ready.The only way to buy that lot of junk would be to figure the scrap value of the steel and at $4 per club asking price, that seller is going to be stuck with it. Heck, transportation costs will be ridiculous.
Depends on the resort but generally I'd say stops are spread out enough that renting a car is probably the least expensive option.
Including the 3 courses at Legends, you can also go off site and use Oyster Bay, Heritage, and I believe Glen Dornoch.
Played in wet conditions and shot 91. A week earlier I played the next longest (tees golds, +100 yards) and shot 87.
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