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And Hawk Hollow across the street. Both are excellent choices.
Not even close. Even here on Detroit's sports news they are not blaming the official. Johnson made a mistake (while in a rush to celebrate?).
Just use the Firefox browser. Then you can use it for all your web dialogs.
Back to the OP's question, an alternative is American Singles Golf Association if you're 40+. I joined a couple of years ago and the local chapter here puts together some excellent outings at good prices. More gals then guys and there are some gals that have got game. Its definitely "golfers that are single" verses "singles that golf". I'm more interested in the golf and it works out very well.
Michigan vs Notre Dame at 3:30pm. Close enough to Chicago to matter?OP is in Indy, I would have thought it was obvious
+1 for Match Play when competing. Stroke play when only playing the course.
Thats quite the list!
I'll stick with the $1.99 Skydroid. I've created/enhanced/fixed several courses in the skydroid database & it worked great. Can't do that with Golfshot, it has to be requested.
At my "regular" pasture, I normally play the blues 6463 yards 71.6/122 and average 96. I'll play the reds at 5287 yards (calculating 66.4/110) and should hit 88.
I agree. Consumer debt is dropping and it needs to. Many consumers are afraid of getting stung like so many did a couple of years ago when their house values crashed following the burst bubble and their homes were no longer a reserve that could be tapped. My take on what is yet to come? The commercial & industrial real estate markets are due to crash now that the manufacturing sector has contracted and demand has disappeared.
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