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I shot my personal best round last year with a Top Flight I found; I don't recall the model.
A couple of courses stay open all year, indoor or heated ranges; and bowling leagues start here shortly (and go deep into next May )
Twice in the last week I've hit the ball excessively long, 75ish & 90ish yards, and each time I had unknowingly hit a draw (pulled?) down the left side with a lot of roll; my usual ball flight is a fade 190 to220 yards, and a slice if I lean on it. It surprised me more than my squad mates; I wish I could do that on demand.
Lost confidence in my Scotty this spring & have been happy with a Yes! putter since.
My son is currently schooling in Kalamazoo so I get quite a few oppurtunities to enjoy Bell's - Good Stuff!
Last weekend, I played a outing in the Jackson area. The Grande, very nice, tough but fair course, fast greens. Highly recommended. Sadly, Concord Hills was in terrible shape but you can tell that this course in its day must have been fantastic. Greens were 20% baked mud, fairways are not defined, and its difficult to find a flat place to stand on the tee boxes. Over grown trees & vegetation make it hard to differentiate the course from a area left to return to...
We got most of the U.P. for giving up Toledo. Have you been to Toledo lately? More "M" flags fly then "O" flags off porches. I lived in Findlay and it was about 50/50. My OSU friends in Dayton say "we got robbed". lol
Yes, but not lately. At my home course, there is a small holding pond that the course workers fish and they claim they've hooked into some large mouth bass.
Sounds like it was about unfulfilled expectations, I can empathize with you on that. Take a break, remember why you originally chose to take up golf (fun), and know that improvements can take time (if they take at all). That's what keeps me in it.
I walked, with a push cart, 36 in a day on two relatively flat courses - the shoes were just not up to the task. My dawgs were barking.
New Posts  All Forums: