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I'd throw all that neat stuff in the car and use it.
Saturday, 400 yard dog leg right. At the inside of the turn my drive trickled down to a collection area a couple of feet short of OB and I couldn't see the green. To get on, I needed to go under some overhanging brush, past a tree on the OB line, then fade it about 20 yards. Or layup in front of the stream that crossed on the approach. Without thinking I hit a hybrid, under the brush around the tree with the fade & got it on the green and 2 putted for par. Looking...
Other than local micro breweries, my favorites are Victoria, Indio, Dos Equis Amber, and Sam Adams Winter Lager. All else fails Bud Lite. And I do enjoy a Michelada every once in a while.
I carry Bobby Jones & Louisville golf. These have stayed in my bag because they work better than others I've tried.
Surprising considering she's a tour veteran. Just guessing, one would think she may witnessed something similar in the past with a fellow competitor and the consequences. Rules are Rules (even I knew that one). Julie, next time just grab a couple of clubs at once.
Having just read some of the book & practiced the drills, it felt to me that S&T actually promoted a inside-to-outside swing. I'm not using S&T 100% but what I did get out of the drills has worked into my swing and my directional control & distance is better this season, especially the slicing. Now its more of a fade and it stays out of trouble; first or 2nd cut verses OB :whew:.
8 rounds / year is not enough to improve on. I know quite a few people that play 8 rounds a month and are quite content shooting around 100.
Bigger than a dog turd, I've got two new Louisville Persimmons in my bag now; they are fun to hit. Sorry, i digress, back to topic.
52* from around 70 or PW from around 100, both about 3/4 shots which feels very good for control.
My longest drive this year in the fairway was 265, usually 180 to 200. There are 3 guys at my club that I've witnessed hitting their drives 300+.
New Posts  All Forums: