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A long flat pasture (7K from the tips) that has new owners who are trying to get it back into shape after many years of neglect costs me $500 year & it includes range balls and one league - cart fee is $6 to $8.
An opportunity!
A couple of weeks ago I was struggling with my 3w in the fairway so I exchanged it for my dormant 5w and glad that I did. I've gotten more efficient with it and quite often hit it 200+ yards off the deck. I'm sure the added loft has helped and now that my confidence is back up, I'm ready to reintroduce my 3w.
For men, my service provided18, Blue Tee, 57.4/8618, White Tee, 55.2/799, Blue Tee, 28.7/869, White Tee, 27.6/79
Is this any different then hitting a hundred balls with a GW or SW, balls only going 10 to 80 yards? I'm guilty, that's what I did yesterday morning.
These are vintage bowling shirts. They're oversized and not the same fit, very loose around the waist. Not really the same to me.
Its also important who you work for. Both the owners of the small company I work for are golfers so as long as I keep up with current projects they have no complaint on my golf (not unusual for them to join me). For the last two months, the only thing that has kept me off the course everyday is laundry & weather. 52 rounds since April 1st.
If they were indeed changing locations, that would be the only equitable way to do it. Then maybe they didn't change locations at all between the 1st & 2nd rounds.
Not here. My 4th year playing and things keep getting better a few steps at a time. Therein lies the enjoyment, the road to getting better. When I feel I can't get any better than its time for a new sport. Already been through a couple of other sports, lost interest because I felt I max'd out my potential. Golf is the toughest mental game I've taken up and I believe that day will never arrive (and I hope it doesn't).
9 iron (43*), usable from anywhere 120 yards out to green side.
New Posts  All Forums: