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The essentially will work like mass texting but it will also keep a calendar as well so you can go in and look to see who is playing when and schedule events far enough in advance.  I found that mass texting alone works ok if you are playing tomorrow or the next day but the further out the T-time is the more of a pain it becomes to manage or get a timely response.  Thanks for listening and feel free to send dividends if features pan out for Foursome Golf :).  It's the off...
Will, In my head it would work like this....10-15 of us that play together regularly would register with this application or schedular and if one of us was looking to play on a specific day they would go in and sign up for Next Sat. at "AM/PM/ANYTIME, or Specific TIME".  The application would then notify all other members (text or email) that a new T-time was established by for this and has x amount of openings in the 4some.  Now any of the...
Hi,  I am looking for suggestions on how to set up an app or an online calendar for a group of 10-12 people that will notify the group when one member identifies that he is either looking to play at a certain date/time or will be playing and has some openings in the foursome.  Something a little more convienient than group texting.   Thanks, Jim
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