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Each to there own.. Im sure them hitting a host of horrible strokes wont impede any of your abilities.
Hi All,   Just saw these up for sale brand new for around £408 which is around $657..     Callawary Razr Edge.. just wondering if thats worth it? anyone had any experiences with these clubs?
your pretty spot on mate .. out of bounds etc or hitting it fat haha ...
The thing is with my drives at the moment im hoping for the best .. we have all been there and i need to start trusting my drives ...
Currently listening to a scottish band called .. The View   If you dont know them they are the band who sung Same jeans..   At the moment . - Coming down
I'm on the exact same ship as you ..Played golf consistently for the last 3 months made minor improvements but now... with it being winter wondering how can i keep it going .. Is it worth playing on the winter greens etc
Bought myself a dunlop pullover... Not the dearest but allows me to look more modern instead of rocking a polo ..
I dont have a recovery wood so my driver if it doesnt go far especially on a long four or a par 5 im playing catch up ...  My driving is so inconsistent.
One day haha!
Haha.. Im lucky if i can drive and pitch 300 yards at times pahahahah
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