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Thank you all for your help and responses.  It helps to know that other scoring (thought it was a one stroke penalty) I've been doing it right on the occasions I have to hit a provisional.
So you tee off and decide to hit a provisional ball because you might be out of bounds. Your provisional ball hooks/slices deep out of bounds or into a water hazard.  Are you allowed to hit another provisional? Is there a penalty for this? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.    
IMO I think when a golfer starts out they should listen and TRY all the different techniques.  Once they find one that is good (judging by scores and their instructor) then they should stop listening to quick fixes, tour pro's feel ect. and focus on their own swing that works for them  Their have been pro's that have fundamentally wrong swings, but they work for them, so once you find YOUR swing then learn to develop it, but you may need to try a little of everyone's swing...
 It may be a dumb question, but why would they do this for each other.  Whoever is on the green (say Woodland) and Bubba chips up and hits his ball.  Bubba is now saved but Woodland would now be in a worse position.  While I'm all for sportsmanship and all, but it is still a competition with a lot of money on the line.  Can any one explain?
I've read through the last few pages of this discussion so excuse me if this has already been raised. I understand we're specifically talking about college athletes but, what if the same happened to a professional athlete?  The women on the LPGA tour that have promotional contracts, or NCAA players.  If they get pregnant and can no longer fulfill their contracts for a time should they loose theirs?  I feel that it's the same question for either, because the result is the...
So from what I'm understanding is either deal(I've tried the tube things they suck) or buy a new bag? There's no way to change the divider on the top?
I've got a titleist staff bag that I really love other then the fact that it only has a 5 way divider. I was woundering if by chance there's a way to convert or change it to a 14 way divider?
I've heard money mentioned a few time through the thread as to the reasoning behind some of the relaxing standards.  Couldn't it also be because of the changing culture.  Back in the 80/90's it was rare to see anyone with tattoo's. I just say a guy last weekend on the course with tattoo's from his neck all the way down to his ankles. If this continues where will be in 10/15/20 years from now.  Out on the course naked swimming through the water hazards?
I don't think that's a stretch, even LPGA players wear skorts. I'm more talking about jeans and tee with a backwards hat. That kinnda thing. The little time I've been playing I'm seeing more and more of it.
While there's not money on the line there is smack talk normally after (I work with them but thankfully they're not my boss) so it's aggravating when they think they beat me or they're using the scores for their handicap and I know it bs
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