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If I could afford a golf course I wouldn't be bothered about profits id do it for the love of the game and the enjoyment I would get out of it, If you are buying one your obviously a millionaire anyway, why do you need profits and if you are buying it just for that, I would say it would not be a brilliant investment as it would take years to get your money back
It takes 10 seconds to use my laser, I play on a course with red, yellow and white but I look at it, if I'm in range of the green by anything more than 100 yds. then ill use my laser to get exact distance why try and guess, you shouldn't be slowing play down by using one if you are then don't use it at all, I would still check distance even if you are next to 150 yd. marker as I've played on courses where they are to the front of green and I've messed that up before by...
Cheers Dave I will have a look into them
I understand what you are saying but my question is how do I maintain it, when I have a good card going my thoughts go straight to my final score, I think about shots way ahead 2 - 3 holes ahead sometimes thinking of the next shot I'm worried about, This cant be normal I need to know what my thought process should be and does anyone have lessons or mind coaching for problems like this
Hi I'm 25 and at the moment I am playing off a 4 handicap with my ambition to play of scratch, I know I have the playing ability as I've had a fair few sub par rounds now, but I feel the mental side of my golf is no where near good enough. I am wanting to know do many of you have mind lessons or anything like that to help you, or is it something that I just have to try keep working on and hope I get there in the end.
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