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The thread I thought was on how to hit partial wedge shots. I was pointing out a way to do that along with what Mike talked about. Since wrist hinging or radial deviation is part of lag, it obviously can increase clubhead speed. So let’s start by removing the full wrist hinging. This is where many golfers have difficulty. They tend to use a full wrist cock with only a half swing. If you’re going to have a full backswing, you can have a full wrist hinge. But if you’ve got...
Maybe but looks like Mike does it. Always whatever works. Just another technique to add to the bag    
Monitoring the cocking of left wrist ( radial deviation ) in backswing helps also, ala Steve Stricker.
Gee sorry Phil, didn't realize ninjab wouldn't understand. 
You have upper torso imbalance. Shift your pressure to right heel, feel taller with right side extension , create more right side lateral bend to start down swing keeping right shoulder external longer while right elbow leads instead of hands.  Also work a little on posture, less knee bend more flexion  
One of the best instructors I know is Lucas Wald   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWtOs1b64jz2uJihEkQlXkw    And you won't find any better than these   https://www.youtube.com/user/speedchain111
My point is that over swinging does not necessarily cause a flip, actually probably one of the least reasons for a flip. Case in point would be Jamie Sadlowski, Bubba, countless others who do what you describe
Over swinging, compared to what ? What is the over ?
Relax left elbow in set up. (Pic 1) Get some better upper torso extension (video Mike and Eric showed ) in backswing (Pic 2). Practice a bit of Snead squat keeping femurs external in initial downswing move (Pic 3), pressure going to right side,not a slide (Pic 4) Get weight (pressure ) over to right heel with right hip rotation, will if you don't slide as much on downswing
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