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festivus...could you please briefly clarify more on hip mobility ...what is toe-touch...squat?
 When I really force myself to keep my butt, I did the same thing to force my left hip to go back in downswing. This lead to my weight got shifted to the heel on the downswing. Is this the right thing to do though?   When looking at my VDO, some how, my butt is off the wall BUT my head is down and forward!!!!!. I hope this drill can solve both problems?
Thanks much mvmac!!!! This is great.
 found this old thread my searching the forum. I have this exact problem with maintaining my butt.MVMAC-the 2nd vdo post was missing from youtube but it might be what can help me. I tried the chair drilled but I don't feel like my weight shifted forward correctly.  I want to try your (missing) 2nd drill but afraid of doing it wrong. " If the right knee stays straighter and the hips slide forward, then the butt won't come off the "wall"".Anyone please help on this? Thanks...
Thank you ALL. I really love this board and support in here.
Thanks for all inputs guys. I will probably check the midpoint out then. Hope to understand some basic with express read though. Do you think it can be self learned? Or need another class?
Hi All   I searched the forum but don't find this topic anywhere.   I will have an opportunity to take an aimpoint lesson in my area.  The class is offered either EXPRESS or MIDPOINT read.   My understanding is that   EXPRESS - less expensive, more simple, no Chart required! (big plus) but still accurate MIDPOINT - more expensive, very technical, involve chart but super accurate   For all the aimpointer out there, what class I should take? Can I learn the...
Thanks Jakester23!!...i will hit the range today and will focus more on the tempo on the quickie pitching swing. I will also try to chip putt here. I'm excited!!!..this could be my new weaponsss
Thanks Jakester23!!!...i will go there right now. Hopefully, it's good enough for my weekend!!
MVMAC - thanks for the post. I just join the forum as I've been having lots of inconsistency with the traditional chipping stroke. This is great.    2 questions here for the rest of us   1. Can we use this stroke from rough around the green too? 2. what if the ball is kinda far from the green? let say 10-20 yard to the green(edge) and the hole is another 10-20 yard from the green? Can we also do this? (should we hinge the wrist to create more speed?   Thanks...
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