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Im pretty sure its not a bore through characteristic becauseIf its not in line with the shaft. If you look at a picture of the titleist 913 driver its a very small black dot just off the left of the shaft. 
Hey guys i have a question about titleist drivers. On the bottom of the club, near the shaft, there is what seems like a small black "dot" . I noticed its also on their 3 woods and hybrids, around the same location around the shaft. Is this some kind of pressure relief valve or something? If you have any idea please comment below and as always thank you.
Also does the r1 offer anything the r11s cant do? If so, whats the difference? Why would tmag expect consumers to buy the r1 if they have an r11s?
Great suggestions. i figured they would release a driver pretty soon after the r1 sales dropped. i didnt know the driver came out b4 the bags... taylormade r&d must be making some bank!
I have a question to ask to all you passinate golf fans out there. There may not be a single reason, but why has Taylormade released so many clubs, especially in the past year? From the R1, RBZ stage 2, R1 black, SLDR, JetSpeed, speedblades etc. If anyone has any clue to why this is i would just love to know. I know TM is known to release clubs more often than the more low key (but still amazing) brands like titleist, but this seems to be more than i have seen in quite a...
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