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I see what you are talking about. Thanks alot. Never realized videoing my swing would help so much. Gonna work that this afternoon
Alright. Got two swings. Gimmie ur best.
Gonna video my swing today too. Gonna be a great day for golf
Thanks for all the input. Fixing to head to course now. But gonna go buy a new wedge or two first. All I have now is an old sand wedge. Been reading alot on here. Apparently short game is important. Lol
Will try the my swing thing. I have never videoed my swing. Thanks.
Been playing golf for about 4 years now. Only serious about a year. Recently joined a country club. 31 years old. I am just curious about how good I can get. I only ask this because I believe( as well as most golfers) I can be really good. I dont really have a handicap. But the reason I think I can be really good is the fact that I drive the ball consistently 290-325 and straight. I out drive everyone I know. And most have been playing most of their life. Thinking about...
New Posts  All Forums: