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81- 55 degrees here in Missouri
Didn't see the previous thread.
I do not understand callaways $499 price tag on the new big Bertha. It's ridiculous
Has anyone used onlygolfapparel.com
I hit the ap2's. They just felt really good. I'm in the market to buy new irons. My biggest problem with my game is inconsistency. I can shoot a 75 and the next time out a 95. I want clubs that I feel comfortable with.
I'm thinking of switching to forged irons. Any thoughts
My shots feel solid. I do swing down on the ball. I don't know if I'm playing the ball too far foreword or know if it's my swing or a little of both
I have a tough time with my short irons. I can spin my long irons most of the time. When it comes to my short irons I can't spin or stop the ball on the green. I've been practicing 100 yards in at least twice a week. I'm not getting any better. Any help would be appreciated
New Posts  All Forums: