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After about two trips to the range this driver is the best I've every hit !!!! I've always teed my driver shots close and kept topping the ball. Tried teeing it very high and wow ! Right down the middle with about 20 to 30 yards better. My draw and fade are great with this club. Tempo and teeing it high were the keys for me. This is the first new club I bought in awhile, but it was well worth it. I adjusted it to 9.5 degree and neutral. Love it.
Learn to strike what you have. It's not the clubs, it's the clubee. Believe me.
I suggest you take that money and get lessons to learn to plan and manage your game and stirke the ball better. Remember it's the clubee, not the club.
Range finders are very good, but if you have an iphone you can download an app called freecaddy and it will save you alot of money. GolfLogix is also a great free app, but it kills your cell battery.
My suggestions is to stay down in posture with your knees slightly bent. Topping with a hybbrid means that your coming up slightly at impact, that's on any topping of the ball.
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