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Micah is aware you dumb ass. Are you slow?? Iakas has been calling purple drank by his true name since day one. Im out beeyotches. Go Hawks!!!!
Anyways I guess I need to be established. I don't think I want to be established on this forum. Too many opinions, bad golf advice and flat out contradicting statements on a daily. Too many posers and wannabes that probably can't find his ass from a hole in the ground regarding golf. This will be my final post..Please ban me. This forum bites. THERE ARE AT LEAST A DOZEN BETTER WEBSITES I AM A MEMBER OF FOR GOLF. LATER
Look in my profile pics. I haven't figured out how to import images with this samsung galaxy tab 3 yet.
Tried to upload an image lol. Guess it didn't work.
Check it..........
Exactly...Like I said the season must go on. No use crying over spilled milk. 2 game lead with 3 to play and 2 home games. Can anyone say "Number 1 seed"...Go Hawks!!!
Spot fouls kind of do suck with PI unless the ball was in the vicinity and catchable, the thing is now refs are saying incidental contact is PI where as in the past it wasn't called. The 5 yard anything goes but holding rule still applies from the LOS but now refs are calling bump coverage at the loi when the ball is not in the air is a flag. Yesterday's Seahawk-Niner game was a prime example but that will happen on the road....nothing to lose sleep over...
Sure I could bitch about many questionable calls on Seattle yesterday...and Boldin hitting and pushing a ref and nothing happens(wow) but we aren't getting thos2 calls on the road..sad but true. The season must go on. We can wrap up the #1 seed next week. Go Hawks!!!
Even back then5-10 years ago the only clubs I've ever seen at Walmart are box sets, and John Daly or dunlop clubs....you got a good deal considering todays brand new tight lies driver goes for 400 bucks. Nice findThink they sold some Top Flite putters as well.
LMAO Since when did Walmart start selling Adams golf equipment? Strange.....never seen anything from Adams at Walmart except hats and towels.
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