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I see the weight shifts to essentially hit like the ball is farther back. Looks like it works like a charm. Thanks for the video links.
Not sure hitting with the ball positioned off the front foot is the best way to hit a wedge shot. Doesn't make sense but I will give it a more thorough test and see. I use the Hogan method on everything but it might be obsolete. You say hit it positioned like a driver but without a tee? Hands leaned forward? Still doubtful but I'll see what I get. Almost positive I will blade some this way but I'll keep an open mind.
The whole swing is what makes the ball go straight so you really have to be doing everything right. Everyone uses a different swing style so hard to give valuable advice. If the club face is not squaring up it usually is the right shoulder getting lazy at contact or centrifugal force throwing your hands out at contact. The left hand has to go left at contact (Getting out of the way) so the right hand can get around to square the club. The right hand is what you use from...
Might be swing path. When I hit left it is because my club head comes out a little before hitting the ball. Right of target is when I come too inside or under the proper swing plane. A push or pull has no curve because your club face is square to where the ball is heading. A push or pull is terrible and has no use. Can't even get around a tree with a push or pull swing. Might be alignment .
Keep in mind bounce is tricky and loft is easy to decide on. Loft is how high you want the shot. Bounce determines how nice the shot goes. Moving the ball in your stance controls how much bounce you have. Ball off your back foot takes off bounce. Off front foot increases it. It's easier to hit off your back foot since you get more spin and less likely to blade the shot however you need lots of bounce to keep from digging. Now if you have medium bounce clubs you will find...
New Posts  All Forums: