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4 feet of snow. -1 actual temp. All my clubs are taken apart. New grips on the way.   My wife is telling me to find something to do other than shop for golf club parts.
Would you guys mind letting me know how well you like the 3 and 4 hybrids on that set?   I bought the 4 clone from diamondtour (before I knew what a hybrid was) just to test the waters... Anyway, the bottom of the face / front of the sole is in front of the shaft....:   http://thesandtrap.com/t/71833/question-about-hybrid-offset - scroll to the bottom....   I'm curious about how you like hitting the 3 and 4 clubs, and are they designed with the same thing as I...
Ok, let me try again... See how the bottom of the face is in front of the shaft? My other hybrid is flush with the shaft. Is there a function that this design has?
Anyone use these?   http://www.diamondtour.com/golf-components/club-heads/irons/henry-hatton-forged-muscle-back-mb-70-irons.html   I'm thinking about getting a set for Summer....   Tony
Bored... Are you kidding me?   You're in OH, so you're getting similar weather... I'm about to go insane!
Thanks... but let me re-phrase this a bit.   My X20's are pretty much 0.... you are right...         QUESTION: I have an Adams hybrid with the top line that is even with the shaft, and the bottom of the face is AHEAD of the shaft. I also have an Adams with the top line just behind the shaft, and the bottom of the face is flush with the shaft. - Why is there a difference in the face design, and what is the effect?   Is one hybrid designed like an iron and the other...
Where? I want them. I play a set of clones and people who play 990's can't tell the difference until they get close, and they play the same. I'll post pics.... I love'em.
I doubt this will effect the performance of my driver.... so I am changing my question to this.   Will this dent effect the performance of when I slam the head into the ground after I hit the ball into the lake? I'm afraid the aerodynamics are thrown off and as I grab the club to do a full force slam, that those small dents will decrease the amount of air flow, thus reducing the odds of burying my driver head 5" into the tee box.   I guess the only way to tell it to go...
Interestingly, I googled dent on bottom of driver head and I got a lot of results for the same dent, in the same driver.   Everyone says to play the club, but this tells me that the sumo driver is a POS.
I was at the golf shop and picked up a Nike Sumo for $19. The shaft looked fine, and the head has a very clean top and face... After I got home I saw a small dent on the bottom of the head as though someone got ticked and slammed it to the ground. It's not big, but it's there....   Question: Will this have any effect on playability (loft, lie, etc..)   It was cheap, and I was bored, so I bought it.   Tony
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