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You wouldn't have the same thoughts about this course and tournament if you had the privilege of playing this course. I played it 2 weeks ago and it was a great experience.I'll just assume that by you saying "it looks awful on tv", you are saying that tv doesn't do the course justice of its true beauty and design. Although you can bomb a drive 400 plus yards, the course has a lot of its own defends such as the winds, uneven lies, tight lies around the greens, Bermuda...
[/quote]I was planning on getting DG s400 in my wedges as I have DG x100 in my irons. It's great to hear that these Nike wedges come with this shaft already so it will be easier to determine the feel with this shaft. I think a combination of demoing this wedge and potentially adding some lead tape may be the answer.Thanks
I am wanting to purchase a new set of wedges but I prefer heavier wedges than what I would pull off the rack. How do I go about testing different swing weights in wedges before I custom order them? I'm not sure if I want D3, D4, D5, etc. I am a Ping guy and would love to just go to the fitting centre in Scottsdale, but that isn't going to happen. Any suggestions on this is appreciated.
I'm not one to give too much advice but I think you should slow your swing speed down a little and maybe bring down that 18 cap. Just saying, Bubba.
What is the correlation between shaft length and club head speed? If I cut my 3 wood down a half inch, how much distance would I be expecting to lose?
You rarely take a swing at 100% with your wedges so I prefer having my wedges with a little softer flex than the rest of my irons. I use x100 in my irons and s400 in my wedges.
I was playing Ping i5 irons with stock stiff shafts and wanted something new. I narrowed it down to AP2 and s55. I bought the s55, 1/2 in extension, blue dot, with Dynamic Gold x100 shafts and love them. I would highly recommend testing a few different shafts to see what shafts produce the best ball flight for your game. My previous shafts launched the balled too high with too much spin. The DG x100's feel solid and give me a lot of confidence when taking a rip with a long...
Has anyone played this course lately? I heard they made a bunch of changes for the US open 2015 and some of the greens are still torn up. I am looking to play here soon and don't want to be disappointed because the pictures of this course look amazing. I also want to play this course before they jack up the prices closer to the US Open next year.
For #3 i would set up with the club a little open to the target. The rough has a tendency to grab the hosel and close the club at impact. Other than that, I would try and swing a little steeper.
I went from shooting a 73 (33/40) on a Monday, to shooting a 88 (44/44) on the Following Friday. I walked and played with better players for the 73 and rode and played with high handicap players on the Friday. This really shows that if your head isn't in it, your score will show it! I can never figure out my yardages when I ride instead of walk.
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