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 My posture is pretty good I think i've figured it out. I have a over the top swing but I am positive it's to do with my hips/pelvis rotation. After watching the video of me I can see it goes down on my downswing rather than rotating. 
 Cheers for the help. Next time I can get on the course i'm gonna give it a go playing like this. I'll report back how I get on lol.
I haven't had chance to play much golf with the weather and the driving range has been closed.   I went the other day and everything just went wrong. I was shanking it slicing it duffing it everything. Main problem - HITTING GROUND BEFORE BALL! I went a few days later and was trying the drill where you address the ball then move the ball over the left foot but keep the iron in middle of my stance. I have never hit a ball more sweetly in my life. I must have hit 70...
I asked the golf pro at the club I am getting my handicap he said I can use it.
Cheers for the advice guys lol. People have asked before if I want to tag a long when I first started but they were awesome and I could barely hit a ball 100 yards off the tee (usually a major slice or duff). I think now that I am more confident and consistent it will be easier to tag along with people.   Also when I join the club (be a member to get handicap) hopefully enter in tournaments and meet new people.
I love golf started playing last year. I got my best mate into it but he's given up and none of my other mates have any interest in golf. I end up going on my own most of the time which I don't mind but it's more fun with friends. I am getting pretty good now as well but I don't wanna be on my own ALL the time.   Even tried getting girlfriend into it but no chance.   Anyone else have this problem?
I don't have a handicap yet but i've worked it out for around 16. I use a GPS watch which is amazing and I play so much better with it (who doesn't).   I am going to get my handicap this summer but when I take the official for the rounds for him to take my scores am I allowed to use my GPS watch?   Thanks
  That's the thing...its been closed EVERY day for nearly 3 weeks. We have the "no trolleys" rule applied in the winter but like I said we haven't had flooding rain and i've played the same courses in worse conditions. Also if this were the case there would be no point in places like Scotland having course if they closed every time it rained.
I live in East Midlands and yeah we get the odd rain but not terrible non stop rain.   Anyway it's been rainy on and off for past 2 weeks. Every time I ring both my courses are closed because its "unplayable".    I called the other day and it was blazing sunshine and pretty dry. We had a drizzle in the night but nothing major yet it was still closed but the week before they let me play in pissing down rain.   So my question is who's decision is it to close the course...
 lol I wasn't amazed by them when I first saw them but holding them and putting them down they look quite nice. I originally wanted the 825's but the EZ are cheaper and look pretty similar just different colour.
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