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Please share any results you get if you feel like it. Like I said I have not found much data on the "game improvement" effects or lack thereof of GI irons and I am very interested in seeing some. All "data" is welcome here
The 7 iron G30 is labeled as an 8 because I had already practice with my gamer 7 iron with the 7 iron setting on the simulator and the 6 iron MP4 is labeled as a 5 iron because i also already practiced with my 6 iron on the simulator.   I could only get my hands on a 7 of one and a 6 of the other. Besides total distance isn't the stat of interest. Simply looking at dispersion. It doesn't really matter what the lofts are.    Shafts were different but both were stiff...
Nothing right now. I have some thoughts but I'd rather wait to see what others have to say first.
Mizuno MP4 6 iron
PING G30 7 iron
Here are some photos of a little test I did while practicing at the PGA store.   Photo 1 - "8 iron" is with the PING G30 7 iron. Distance dispersion seems pretty good but right and left dispersion is not good.   Photo 2 - "5 iron" is with the Mizuno MP4 6 iron. Distance dispersion isn't great but right and left dispersion is quite nice.   Just wanted to show you all what I got when hitting about 7 shots with these clubs. All the shots I hit are shown on the screen...
I'm not quite sure how I feel about dynamic fittings. I have been fit twice with a lie board and the first time I was fit at 2* upright and then the next time I was fit at 1* flat! Not very consistent! I'm not blaming the fitter either, I just don't have a repeatable swing yet. Therefore I don't see the point of a dynamic fitting till I do.   However I think that the static fitting info is important. I love PINGs online fitting system for that. I also use gigagolf for...
That is exactly how my relationship with the Winn grip was. They feel amazing whey you are holding the club, but too spongy when swinging IMO
By the way I used to have a Winn drt-tac grip on my hybrid and I did not like it at all. It is much too soft and seemed to move around like a sponge under my hand.
Thanks for the input, and that is what I figured. I will probably be going with platinum cause I like the grey with the navy. I thought that guys info seems a bit silly.
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