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That is exactly how my relationship with the Winn grip was. They feel amazing whey you are holding the club, but too spongy when swinging IMO
By the way I used to have a Winn drt-tac grip on my hybrid and I did not like it at all. It is much too soft and seemed to move around like a sponge under my hand.
Thanks for the input, and that is what I figured. I will probably be going with platinum cause I like the grey with the navy. I thought that guys info seems a bit silly.
Sorry to steal this thread, but I have a question about the multi-compound grips.   When I was looking at new grips the guy at the pga superstore swore by the "black on top" multi-compounds but said that they "grey on top" were not as good and got slipper when wet.   Has anyone else experienced this?
Thanks kenstl,   Really helps to compare.
Yeah I think I am going to stay the used route but just be more picky about the shafts than I have been.
So I just sold my irons in order to have some money for new ones. I am kind of an iron snob and only like 1-piece forged irons. They can be muscle back or cavity back. My issue is that the irons I like are all very expensive. Therefore I have looked at used irons and the Maltby TE forged irons.   I have had used irons in the past, but always sell them as find myself wishing I had a brand new set that was all mine. This may be because I have not found the perfect used...
I used to hit at golfsmith too but I definitely got a sense that they hated me. And I purchased a membership for the hitting bays at the pga store when I bought my irons so they don't mind. I just take the mp4 to the practice bay and they love me at the pga store. That is until I ask them to put together a full set of TEs for me since the membership also includes unlimited free club repair. The work they do will pay for the membership itself.
I feel ya man. I am currently gaming Titleist 690.mb irons. I have gamed them all season and my scores dropped from the low 100s to an average of around 90 with my lowest score being and 84 although I did shoot a 41 but only played 9 holes that day. You don't need to be good to play blades. My irons are the best part of my game with my driver being the deciding factor most days and the fact that 2 putts are all I hope for. However a little bit of forgiveness would be nice....
WOW! That is great! I can't find any specs about sole width of any big OEMs so I couldn't really tell what .781" really looked like. But there is very little there and those soles are definitely thin enough for me. Thank you so much for the pic! You bag the TEs over the MP60s? If so, what led to that choice?
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