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Driver: PING G20 w/ standard PING stiff Fairway: Titleist 910F w/ 82g Diamana stiff Hybrid: Mizuno Tzoid Fli-Hi 18* w/ DG S300 Irons: Titleist 690.MB. (3-PW) R flex Wedges: Callaway Vintage X Forged 53*, 58* Putter: Odyssey White Hot #1, 33in, Superstroke Ultraslim 1.0 Ball: Wilson Staff 50/50 Elite
http://www.cobragolf.com/amp-cell-pro-irons   Cobra amp cell pro. Not much cheaper but basically the same club as the AP2 with a different name on it. I'm pretty sure Cobra used to be owned by Acushnet which is the company that owns/manufactures Titleist clubs.
That is not what people are saying. He has some logical thoughts such as that it would be detrimental to a players game if he had huge gaps between his wedges. All the people are saying on this thread are that there is different ways to shrink those gaps. Your buddy should buy irons that fill the distance gaps he wants them to fill. As the better player in your group was saying....your buddy doesn't need 10 clubs that hit the ball 200 yards and he would be better off...
I have been playing some Titleist 690.MB irons 3-pw this season. I am an extremely high handicapper (if I cared to keep a handicap). I shoot in the upper 90s most of the time. These blades have not cost me any strokes, my scores have gone down if anything...however I would say my significantly lower rounds are due to much improved putting and drives that are playable.   I do not find blades to be a killer, especially for high handicappers. Misses go straight still which...
This is interesting!   http://3jack.blogspot.com/2010/02/blades-vs-game-improvement-irons.html
This is with irons but it may be helpful for you.  
I would say used for sure. I have been going through the same situation myself. I had a beginner no name set that I used for about 8 years when playing about once a month. Last year my driver head flew and that was the worse thing that could have ever happened to all aspects of my life except golf lol. I have been obsessed with the game since then and the equipment.   Used clubs have been my choice. I am fortunate to have a golfsmith, golf galaxy, and pga tour superstore...
I actually saw a set of Hogan Apex blade/cb combo set for around 100 bucks at Golfsmith once
Hey guys,   I must have missed a lot of these responses when they were first posted somehow. I'm glad to see that people have posted their opinions and no rude comments have been posted. I actually have some personal experience to add to this thread now.   After a long cold winter in Chicago, I could not resist the temptation to buy a new to me set of irons. And while battling with the blades vs GI clubs I ran across an excellent set of Titleist 690.mnb blades for a...
thanks mvmac
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