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PGATSS blows golfsmith and golf galaxy out of the water in my opinion. I live in Downer's Grove, IL and they are all within a 1/4 mile from each other. PGATSS always has the lowest prices and if they don't they will match the other stores. You can even use other golf store gift cards there. The selection is much greater. The used clubs prices are unbeatable at the PGATSS. They also have the best fitters and club repair around. I find the Downers Grove store to have better...
pga tour superstore
As far as GI irons go I think pings are almost unbeatable. However I think the cobras are nice and they are a great value. I don't know why the guy at your golf store talked them down. Not to mention, who is that guy anyway? I would guess there are a lot of people that know much more about clubs than him. Most of the people at the golf shops are not really club experts. They are just people and most of them fall into the same traps as anyone. Cobra has been making some...
Just don't worry about the numbers on the bottom of the clubs. Get the irons you hit well. If that means you have 4-GW or 5-GW or 6-GW it doesn't matter. Just get the clubs you can "consistently" hit well at reasonable distance gaps.  Lower CGs are supposed to launch the ball higher but with the cranked lofts this does not always happen. Basically making GI irons just big headed irons that may give you a little more forgiveness on mishits, however I don't personally really...
Thanks for the info BeCU
Depends on the club and how it is set up. Also depends on the golfer
Thanks for your thoughts on the v-sole. I have been looking at the SCOR wedges and think that they feel great. I also like how the mass is distributed well from the bottom to the top of the club to help get consistent distance if I hit it hight on the face when I'm in the deep rough. That is a brutal distance killer with traditional wedges. Can you tell me about how the v-sole performed in the sand? Does the bounce increase if you lay them open? Did you ever feel there was...
Here is an article with a little more info such as price, fitting, etc.   I'm really liking these a lot. Kind of seem they may be a possible improvement of the mp32, i think they look a little better anyway, and the cutout just reminds me a lot of the mp32s. 
Cool! Enjoy em!
Yeah I've seen those and I love almost everything about what they are doing with those. Just not sure about the v-sole and not a fan of the price tag. :/ 
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