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I think he'll pick the obvious three, largely because it's the easiest selection and the one that'll cause the least disruption and draw the least flak   Somehow though he's got to square off this idea that he's picking on form which is something he's held out throughout the selection process, even to the point where he's been off message with Sam   It's difficult to say how Luke Donald is a form selection? Poulter has had excuses with fitness, but the same rule should...
Actually, that's Ashley sandwiched between a site called 'Golf Club Wankers' and Eamonn Holmes (Manchester United supporter) urm.........
It's a dastardly Tom Watson trick. We all know what happens to Rory's form when a blonde gets involved   Funnily enough, it might actually be good for golf though. It could kick start golf becoming sexy. Golf galleries could start to resemble formula 1 if wannaba models start turning up all over the place. It'd blow away at a stroke the impression that its a game for crusty old men with cobwebs growing on them   My first impression was that Rory won't manage his own...
 You don't know how pleased I am to hear that - the next thing to do is let Omega know Your other points are interesting, and my own suspcion is that you're onto something If you're a golfer, you're self-employed. You aren't salaried by the PGA are you, albeit I suspect you must have to sign something that binds you to them? There is nothing to prevent you setting up a whole raft of companies and other outside comercial ventures though, as numerous golfers have done....
Indeed it is, as it also describes a subservient, usually in a male public school who is expected to perform all sorts of duties for older boys, which is why the 'bummer' and 'fag' wouldn't quite work as they are normally the same end of the identical act
Next time you come over then I strongly recommend you say to your host that you feel like you want to be bummed and could they advise you of a location to go to and see what happens. Better still, ask a policeman
Not sure what that pherase means in North American Ernest, but I strongly advise you against describing yourself thus if ever in Europe!!!
 Rory denies it (a sure sign its true) Rory's suing someone involved closely with McDowell on the management (don't know, nor care, about the detail). I think you can safely say that they won't be partnered in the RC however, but then they were never that effective anyway when they were (a myth). I expect Rory and Sergio to play together
Jim Furyk's had a bit of a rough deal too, albeit he was playing with super Joost
 The answer is simple. Don't read what you don't want to, but if you're going to do that, don't be surprised when there's a gap (which you in fairness do ackowledge) or don't say "I'm genuinely interested in your insight" when the likelihood is that you aren't
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