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The sporting formula of good and bad guy with a bit of needle mouthed off between them is well established for generating interest. It won't necessarily do golf any harm to get some flowing if the marketing people could assign characters to players and then try and cultivate these. As has been said though, it would still remain important that golf retains it's virtues post match.   Reed is more humble than Poulter. Reed only claimed to be top-5, Poulter claimed to be...
He explained in an interview that he saw the tournament on tele last year and said to his wife that he wanted to play it, so when he was invited he wasted no time accepting. The invite came shortly after the RC. She for her part has been dressed up in red, white and blue all week and parading around with a stars and stripes handbag. He explained that they realised they'd be the focus of attention and so thought that the best thing to do was to embrace it head on. From what...
 No, although McDowell is quoted in the same article Let's just say the person saying it, didn't say the same thing about Stephen Gallacher!
"I love this guy's game and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't become a mainstay of the Europe team"   OK you can guess that the quote (from earlier in the week) pertains to super Joost, but who said it?
 Same here, I haven't got time to watch it, any more than I particularly enjoy the adverts puncturing the coverage and motorbikes whipping round Brands Hatch. As he's about 3 holes more up to date than the BBC website, I've ditched the Beeb and am using Silent's running commentary to keep me up to date
Is it my imagination, or is he a bit Langeresque?
 Reeds won quite a few friedns this week. Described in this mornings paper as a "breath of fresh air". South Africans have a fantastic record in this (OK Player and Els) but it also makesme smirk again a little bit at this notion that players need to be given a months notice to prepare themselves - Fair enough, Coetzee had more notice than John Daly when he won the USPGA, but he was only a confirmed runner as late as Monday
  But of course he is ... he is Zen Master Super Joost
And Stephen Gallacher is 1 win in 11, (and Paul McGinley is a tactical genius! - or lucky?)   Personally I was always in the Donald camp, but had Super Joost penciled in next. Not sure whether I posed it here or elsewhere but in terms of the third wildcard I had the following   Donald, Luiten, Molinari, Lowry, Casey and Gallacher (in that order)   Had we been allowed to select a team (something I suspect that we could easily see within the decade as common practise)...
'No one expects the Joost'   I think what is probably a bit annoying regarding the cup is that unlike Gallacher, Luiten did have a matchplay record, and had also scored heavily paired with Dubuisson when playing Seve Trophy I think it was? Gallacher's selection  was poor I felt, and I tend to think McGinley got off the hook a bit. They said he was a course specialist, but Molinari and certainly Casey, both had superior Gleneagles records.   It also returns me a little...
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