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I see pros analyzing shots way more than the average recreational golfer.  And why not...if I'm paying bills with golf shots, I'm taking as much time as I need
I couldn't shoot scratch golf if I devoted every free moment I had.  I just don't have that kind of golf in me.
1) fully recover wrist  2) continue to improve ball striking 3) walk 18 at least once a week 4) take two regional golf getaways 5) get a fitted set of hybrid-irons 6) teach my son to golf (and keep up) 7) stick with conditioning at least three times a week 8) get better at golf 9) keep my job 10) stay married
I love the 5SK teaching videos.  When I say "hit lots of range balls the right way" and "study the game", following the advice in those videos seems like a good way to accomplish both.  You guys have organized ball striking fundamentals into an effective grouping of teaching goals; I will definitely be looking at your teaching products when I get this cast off my arm.     Still, the best advice I've ever heard from a pro was what Jack Nicklaus said about strengthening...
I need to get my swing analyzed.  My answer to the question on this thread is yes golfing more does help.  If you stay true to what you practiced, and didn't revert back to hacker swing when pressure was on.  I believe in practice and conditioning.  If you want to get better, strengthen the core.  Hit lots of range balls the right way.  Stay focused.  Get a lesson from a decent pro.  Study the game.  If you can do something at the range with accuracy and precision are...
drinking is a sure way to cause more strokes but if you're drinking, why do you care how many strokes you took?
I thought the first few paragraphs in Kelzys post were okay but he didn't close the deal.  It ran on.     Golf is great.  Great golf takes work.  Great scores come easier to some people then others.  End of story.
 any sport can be compared to any other sport, with enough disclaimers.  As an accomplished basketball player I would not readily compare to golf.  Golf does not have a notable cardiovascular component.  Ever try shooting freethrows after running suicides?  How about hitting a golf ball after running 200 meters.  Bball is a great man vs man sport.  Golf is maybe the greatest man vs nature sports ever invented. 
your experience, perspective, and approach is similar to mine.  Keeping up is a priority.  I find if a hacker recognizes scrtch pace, returns can be much greater.  Some of the best tips I've received were in these situations.
one of the guys in my regular group has a tendency to come unglued when he's playing with another guy in our group.  They had some broohaha in softball way back, and the high strung guy never got over it.   Anyway, they were both out there that day.  We were all walking.  Highstrung guy was spraying and topping.  Lots of big numbers.  He was getting pouty.  Then on 13 he mishit another tee stroke , put his driver in his bag.  Took out has AW, left his bag and started...
New Posts  All Forums: