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played some cold golf through the winter, mostly disappointing double bogey golf.  My last round before the arctic blast broke into the 80s.  After a month long winter shutout, I returned with a second round in the 80s.  First time I shot back to back rounds in the 80s.  2015 is looking good.
if you let MJ play through do you get an autograph?
Mother nature says no
I struck two buckets of balls today at lunch.  It was a good day to golf
I spent years playing typical hacker double-bogey golf, never honestly breaking 100 on a championship course.  Not once.  To my credit, I never cheated to break 100.  No mulligans, foot wedges, improved lies were used to break that barrier.  Recently I applied myself and practiced a better swing and pretty easily shaved 15 - 20 strokes per round in about a year.  But its been a challenge to improve or even maintain a level of better golf without the same or more commitment...
okay, you got me.  Can I buy the book on amazon?
short game includes putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, bunker strategies, so its not 9 - 18 and for some of us its not even close.  When you talk about "missing away from bunkers" that is course management.  I don't agree that consistently hitting good shots from a greenside bunker is easier than learning to hit a full shot off the turf or tee.  Course management isn't easy for everyone.   I totally understand the concept that hitting long a straight is sort of a...
Long game versus short game is a false dilemma.  Some days its one, some days its the other.  For both long and short, course management is the key.  I think to score well you have to be able to make good choices without expending a bunch of mental energy.  For most of us I think, good effortless course management leads to better shots, long and short.  And vice versa...getting in trouble leads to taking risks which often leads to swing tension.  And then short game and...
.  Sorry I missed your post and thanks for looking it up.  Is there a way to search decisions on the USGA website?  I think the book of decisions is like 600 pages long.
right on.  If you love to play it really shouldn't matter where you play or with what clubs.  Some of my most enjoyable rounds were on munis, or paired with golfers I didn't know, or with rental clubs.  My regulars will play til we drop.  I have walked 36, rode 45, and routinely walk extra holes when the course is open.  People quit golf because they get frustrated with mishitting golf balls period.  Some people can't accept failure.  Doesn't matter whther you shoot...
New Posts  All Forums: