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thanks, I think that answers both questions
me neither, but I have said such a thing before and someone with access to the complete book of golf decisions usually produces the answer
two of you missed the real question, I think.  Just because I can take a stroke and distance penalty on my tee stroke does not mean I can re-tee.  Or does it?  When can you re-tee, and when must you take a drop on teeing ground?  Again, I'm not looking for any persons' opinion.  I'm looking for the exact rule or decision.  
I can't disagree with anyone about re-teeing versus taking a drop at the spot of original shot. The question is, when can you re-tee? To be clear, I want the rule or decision, not an opinion.
I try to play by the rules, as much as playing by the rules is practical.  Practical is usually a question of pace.  If a player in my group hits two consecutive tee strokes OB, we employ the mercy rule. Take a drop where the last ball went out.  Have mercy on your playing partners.   I had a situation Sunday playing with an unfamiliar playing partner, I failed to clear the water hazard hitting to the green off the tee on a par three.  I was not aware of a drop zone, and...
this pretty much sums it up
I always carried my bag but when I got into my 40s the fatigue factor was notable.  I played with a guy pushing a clicgear and I was sold.  I bought one and never looked back.  The clicgear cart is a caddilac of golf trollies.  I like the three wheeler because I can begin my club selection as a I approach my ball.  I can carry gear, there's drink holders, an umbrella holder.  I also bought the cooler bag that clips on under the cart, but I rarely use it.
played some cold golf through the winter, mostly disappointing double bogey golf.  My last round before the arctic blast broke into the 80s.  After a month long winter shutout, I returned with a second round in the 80s.  First time I shot back to back rounds in the 80s.  2015 is looking good.
if you let MJ play through do you get an autograph?
Mother nature says no
New Posts  All Forums: