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 50 quid an hour is a lot, especially when the instructor is really only interested in the golfer who is going to come again and again. Lets face it, no real change is going to happen  during an hour session. I know a guy who spent a whole day with a 'proper instructing' pro and felt the real benefits started to happen late into that session. He claimed that it took at least a couple of hours for the pro to understand the way forward for this guy. Not because the pro...
 From my experience you are going to spend a lot of money before you actually find some 'proper' instruction whatever that is.
 Start a conversation with him and get to know what's bothering him in his life right now. Its either going to be work, home life or finances so get it out of him. After a so-so shot from him return to that part of his life and that should get the pressure pot simmering.  or Ask him how he manages to turn his hips faster in the downswing than his shoulders and make sure you get an answer. 
I hit pretty nice draws. I guess I don't come over the top!  That comment was actually tongue in cheek /rhetorical!
 Thanks EJ, I think. I know you mean well but you talk like i should be able to feel this all the way to impact. In reality transition to impact for me is basically just a blur. I am stupid right?
I feel I need to get reading after a lesson from a pro just to get an angle on what he was talking about. They use too much golf lingo for my liking, especially these days and I feel a bit stupid always asking them to elaborate. My last lesson I was told that I had to learn to shallow the shaft in the downswing. He must think that I have time to change in the downswing. It takes all my concentration to get to a decent shaft plane at the end of the backswing. How on earth...
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