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Thanks for the advice. Haha finding my happy place sounds like a good idea, especially since whenever I have a bad hole I tend to get down on myself really easily. 
Damn there's no way you're an 11 with a scorecard like that! That's a great round. Yeah I don't know it's a tricky thing and it might be just something mental. Sometimes we get too excited about what the score looks like it will be other than just thinking about what we're doing in that point in time. 
Hey guys,  For the past week or so, I've been having some trouble with getting past the blowup holes, and just overall coming down the stretch. I played a round today and I parred the first hole, and then the second hole was a shorter par 5. I hit it into the fairway, hit a pretty good lay-up to about 85 from the pin, and i took out my 56 degree wedge and wanted to hit about a 3/4 wedge. I skull it and the ball flies OB. I hit another shot from where I was and pulled it...
It really depends. Usually with my woods, it starts way left and hooks left more. However with my irons it varies but usually my ball flight is start left curve left
Thanks! Do you know what could be causing a hook? I see personally a really closed clubface at the top. Also, whenever I adjust my grip and feel like I have a less inside takeaway, I push-slice it... it's either hook or slice and I can't find the middle ground. whats weird is when I'm hooking it, I look on video and my downswing still seems to be more out-to-in
Here's my most recent recorded swing 
Or, for those who have the time, practice for a few hours then go play some holes! :D
Hey @mvmac, recently I have been working on what you told me about the backswing, but I have some questions. In the last couple rounds I've played, I have had a lot of trouble getting the ball into the fairway. With my driver in particular, I tend to hit a massive block straight to right field. With my 3 wood, I hit a huge hook and occasionally a block as well. For the times that I do get it into the fairway, I have been pushing my irons terribly. The divots have some sort...
We'll see. I've got a lot of a work to do on my backswing. It's weird because with most golfers, I see a huge separation between their shoulders and below to their neck and head. Their body is moving rapidly, but their neck but more so the head stay perfectly still and stacked on the body all through the swing, and that's something I find very difficult to do. My head just kind of dips down, goes backwards, and just goes all over the place. I was thinking it might have...
 Gotcha. Another question; on the downswing, it looks as if my head is jerking backwards and on the dtl view it is also jerking downwards.  With a lot of the tour pros, the majority of the time it is steady all through and has a smooth forward movement through the swing. I look like I'm looking far to the right until my body pulls my head towards the target. Do you see anything on the downswing that could be causing it? 
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