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This is a video I took today in my backyard... As you can tell by my reaction and the ball flight, I thinned this one pretty bad and this has been my consistent misshit. More specifically on the toe of the club and on the bottom. Lately I've been working on is my follow through and at impact when you're supposed to flip the left arm and have your hand facing the target to square the face up, and it worked fine for a day, but then I've just been starting to thin the ball...
Yeah, that's probably it. I do transfer my weight forward on the downswing, but probably not enough. I was unaware that about 90% of the weight should be on the front at impact! That's crazy! I was putting like 60-70% in which I'd be able to hit the ball solid probably 1/5 times, but pretty inconsistently. How can I do this though without feeling like I'll fall forward and be off balance in the downswing? 
Sorry for the late reply, but I was getting solid contact, however I was hooking the ball really bad. One thing I have been noticing in my swing is that weird head jerk around impact that I see with no other golfers other than myself, and I don't like it. On the front view of my swing, my head goes backwards a lot and gets way to far behind the ball on the down swing, and this causes so many inconsistencies. Do you know what could be causing my head jerk movement?
Is this better? 
I personally think Reed's a tool. He's never even been in a major and he is considering himself to be of the top 5 players in the entire world. You're kidding right? He disrespected Tiger, Phil, Scott, and Rory for his comment. Winning a couple tournaments does not make you one of the 5 best players in the world. Hell, Spieth is a couple years younger than him and he has already won one, and who knows what he will produce this year as he continues. 
Good point. Are you an advocate of the way that the wrists should hinge on the backswing like you're hammering something down? I've heard that a lot of places and also others that have said that's not a good idea. 
Hmm. That's weird. I feel like when I try to make that move like I'm pulling the right shoulder back, that I'm pulling the club with me around my body way to much in a very flat plane. I'm not sure how to compensate for it. What's the feeling I'm supposed to have when I'm putting the club on plane? I also feel like when I really try to hinge the club it is in an extremely closed position when going up, and I watch guys like Rory, Tiger, etc. and they're clubhead always...
 That makes sense. Thank you for your help. Do you also think that is could have something to do with my shoulder turn? Like I could be turning too flat causing a flat club path? If that's so then how can I exercise turning my shoulders properly? Someone told me that what was causing my shanks was that I wasn't turning properly and that I was leaning toward the target at the top of my back swing, thus not getting the clubhead in fast enough. So I then tried getting my...
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ about 8 months My current handicap index or average score is: 15 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: shank occasionally      Videos:  
I mean, this was the one that I went to in Rosemont, IL so the prices may be different, but usually they're pretty good at these kind of things. 
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