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2 Questions - According to the charts, with my 130mph ball speed, my launch angle is where the chart says it should be but my spin is 2400 rpms, 900-1000 less rpm spin than the chart says is the "optimum".  Question 1) How can I keep the same launch angle and add spin? I currently play an 8.5 degree Taylormade 580 with and Aldila stiff nv shaft.  So I already have a firmer tip, lower launch shaft and clubface, and I play a pro-v ball (although I was not hitting pro-vs at...
Thanks.  I was wondering if there is such a thing as too low spin.  Would I need more spin with my 130 ball speed?  The launch chart seemed to indicate that was the case.  If so, how do you achieve this other than using a high spinning ball?  Would a 10.5 degree face offer more spin than a 9.5?  Is there something in a shaft I should look for that would help my numbers such as kick points and tips etc.?  I turn 65 soon and know that my swing speed will only get slower.
I currently have an 8.5 degree Taylormade R80 with an aldilla nv65 stiff shaft.  I went to Dick's sporting goods and hit some drivers on their matt with a machine which measured my swing speed at 87-89, ball speed at 130-132, launch angle at 17 degrees, and spin at 2100-2200.  According to the chart on the wall which had various ball speeds and accompanying launch angles and spin, I needed 14-16 degrees launch and 3500-3700 spin.  The drivers I hit were 10.5 degree regular...
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