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I think there may be a little of that dynamic going on, but c'mon men are scrutinized too. Tiger is under intense scrutiny in the same manner for club throwing and whatnot. Sabo is practically hated by the entire golf community. Look at Phil's taxation comments, or Rory complaining about the weather at the British; all drew lots of negative commentary.
Tiger definitely always has a good shot there. The only issue is having to hit driver a lot, which is why I think his best shot this year is Hoylake. Either way I think those are his two best opportunities, and I think he will get one of them. Anybody who contends as often as he does can't help but nab one, whether he takes it with authority or is gifted one by leaders collapsing. I could totally see Tiger finishing 2 or 3 back an hour before leaders like Westy or Donald...
Yea, I think Tom's a good guy but Vince Cellini was better.
Slow play isn't a very big issue for me. I like being out on the course and thinking my thoughts.   Obviously there's a line, but I don't think stressing people out is a worthwhile tradeoff.
Don't listen to them you're right, your size is an advantage. Phil and Ernie are like 6'4 and there are taller players than them. A big arc is a good thing. As long as your short-game is solid you'll always have a long game to match.
Looking forward to seeing more of Stenson. His power is unreal lately.
 Phil will kill that monkey in 2014!
I think Tiger takes the British this year.
I like Phil's chances on several tracks.
Or how about when she became world #1 and then immediately lost it, only to whine about the system being unfair. Then Inbee won 3 majors in a row lol
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