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Congrats on your win!
 So today's the day, glad I remembered to enter yesterday. Good luck to all that entered and best wishes to TST on the growth of the reviewmygolfpro.com site. Very good idea!
Hi all,   I don't post here often but I lurk a lot =). Just figured I'd chime in and say I'll take the pledge. I want to grow this game and I already have a few future prospects in the works. Now just to get them hooked!   I pledge to create a golfer in 2014!
Posted a review for John O'Leary. Took my first lesson yesterday so glad I posted this in time.
I've had nothing but bad experiences so far with any instructor I could "afford". Because of this I just gave up and purchased a bunch of books, V1 software, a camera, and watch youtube. My swing is about where I like it now and I know what type of swing or swings do not fit me (I tried every system to see what it's like). I feel good about my game overall but I feel I'm ready to get some advanced teaching. My swing mostly falls in line with 5SK so I'm saving up to take...
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