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so i just got some blades to make a combo set with my ap2s. but they came with project x shafts and i have dynamic gold in my ap2s.  so my question is do i get project x shafts to put in my ap2s or do i put the dynamic gold tour issues that i have laying around to make my set more complete?   any thoughts on what the better shaft is?
These are the new prices:   Driver- Ping i20 8.5 - $200 3 Wood- Exotics cb5 15 deg - $250 5 Wood- Ping i20 18 deg- $150 (Tour AD shaft put in the 5 Wood. shaft would cost about $250-300) Irons- Titleist 712 AP2 4-6/ MB 7-p $900 Gap Wedge- Titleist Vokey sm4 50 deg- $120 Sand Wedge- Cleveland 588 forged RTG 56 deg- $90 Lob Wedge- Titleist TVD-M 60 Deg- $160 (if you dont customize it at all) Putter- Scotty Cameron Squareback #2- was $349 when new, get them used now...
i have played the covert tour driver and i really liked it. i think the new nike covert drives have a good feel, good sound, and the red is a cool look for sure. i didnt like the hybrids though. i didnt think their hybrids were very forgiving but thats just my opinion. if you want a good hybrid i would go adams
Thats a good idea thanks. Has anyone heard when the i25 drivers might be coming out?
ok so right now I'm playing the ping i20 driver with the stock TFC 707d stiff shaft and its an 8.5 head. i am hitting it pretty well but i happen to have a tour AD DI-7s shaft just sitting around. i am currently hitting my driver about 285 on average with a slight draw but I'm curious if i might get better results with the upgrade shaft? just curious on peoples opinions if its worth throwing in the more expensive shaft or not.    thoughts?
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