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This exact post from that guy Erik (or iacas) completely sums it up for me.Personally, I've been using Scotty Cameron putters for 20 years and using the exact same two together for over 12 years. My Studio 1 & Pro Platinum Newport 2. I see no reason to ever change. Not to even run out and get the latest Cameron offerings. If you only knew how many putters I've been given through the years, from Cameron's to Ping to Bettinardi, you name it... and I give them all away to...
That was not intended to be an insult on Edel. No, I honestly have not. Let me ask you, in your opinion why aren't they mainstream? I'm certainly no tour pro, but I've been in quite a few big events - USGA qualifiers. US Am, US Open qualifiers.. Never made it, nor did my brother although he did make it to sectionals. I've never heard of them once in any events.. Not in other clubs I've ever been in, Golfsmiths, even never heard of them on TV. So how else would I? except...
Tips. I figure I'm going to have plenty of time to play forward when I get older. Although early in the season, I play forward sometimes with my father and the old boys in Myrtle
That is true. I did hear of this Edel Co on this website. I guess I meant never before outside of this single website. Honestly. I hope to be able to check one out one day. They seem to have a loyal following here. It's just very strange I've never seen or heard of one ever
Golf management can be tricky. You must be able to assess all the factors and play the odds correctly, WHILE staying confident in yourself and the shot in front of you at the same time and really believe you will pull off the best shot, hopefully you do. If you don't the course mgmt strategy you employ prior to the play will allow you to recover a little better if the shot is subpar. I like the saying, "plan for tomorrow, but live for today, in the moment.. in the...
I believe I have a troll following me around.. Lol. I believe that.
"Are they forgiving or more like a "players" iron?" Little confused on this question. Blades (MB) or even CB and AP2 can be considered players clubs, but AP1? They are a game improvement club. And a very good one at that. So yes, they are the most forgiving offering from Titleist (and best selling) but no, not truly a players iron (however Ben Curtis does play them) so they are whatever you want them to be..
I've never heard of Edel in my entire life.
Thanks. I do play close attention to my driver distance and I'm actually 266 avg to the button but 270 sounds better and it's only a few away.. Haha. It's taken a long time for me learn how to generate the club head speed without trying to rip it hard. I'm being told I could get 15 more yards out of a new driver over a 5 year old 909. Is that true?
Ok.   I've been golfing with my 909 for a while now and have never had a reason to change. I'm not very long, but I hit about 270 avg.  and starting to wonder if I can get some length.  Just my opinion, but as much as I like Achusnet, Taylormade has always been the longest driver for me, so I prob should go that way, but TM always looks gimicky even if they are the longest...but the boys at the club are hounding about my 909.  Its the feel, crack and accuracy of the...
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