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Whatever you do... Don't pick ProV1...I can tell you want to REALLY bad, but can't justify it. So let that one go. There are so many great balls out there. Just play the one you like and performs for your game...and fits your budget.
That was a joke man... Anyway..The dude that started this thread.. His avatar says: IT TAKES A LOT OF BALLS TO GOLF THE WAY I DO" then you certainly don't want to waste your money on ProV1.. Play what you can afford and you like. No need to try and justify not playing.... I'll say it.. The #1 Ball in Golf.. Lol!
Haha! Just play a different ball man! It's that simple. It's your money. Enjoy! It's like your trying to justify NOT playing Pro V1.. Lol!
I'm out of touch I guess, never seen the show , or this Holly? She must have been hot by the looks of this thread...and there are several depressed golfers here..
Wow. Every other post is about Golf clubs, companies etc declining. It's sad really.
It's the golf industry in general. Not just TM..
MS256: "Pro V1s are my favorite ball" You can stop there.. Lol!
No doubt. That is serious. Looks like trying to putt through a mine field after those shoes came through. Wow
And if you tee it up in any big tournament like a USGA Am, state championship etc...They all play ProV1.... period. So rare to see a player with anything other than a Titleist.
Seems like.. What they say: _______ is the #1 in golf. What they mean: ______ is the most used by elite players in pro and major amateur events, far above the nearest competition. For example: Seriously, look at those numbers.... It's stunning AND factual, so they certainly use it to market to average people.
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