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I dunno, I like the Dufner guy but where are all the people who used to whine about Sergio's re-grips? Dufner's long waggles are out of control.. Way worse..
Been playing my 690.MB Titleist forged blades almost 10 years now. I've never played a club that made me want to switch all these years, and I am always tinkering with trying out folks irons at the club. The only concern I have is worn grooves after all these years. I may get fitted for some new ones soon, but playability is not a factor at all.
Sergio Garcia is in the lead and fired a 66! Looks like he was rolling the rock to finally go along with his superb ball striking. Maybe he can actually hold it together and win his first major? He's come close so many times only to come up short, but hey Phil did the same until he finally broke through at Augusta, maybe it's Garcia's time... Then again, it's only round 1.... we will have to see...
Very nice, similar to my flat stick
Been at Disney World the last ten days with my family... hope to get out soon.
I've been putting with Scotty Cameron's as long as I can remember and have several. They are the one club, I never get let go of, just retire them. I have used the same Cameron Studio 1 for around 12 years now. It's obviously a very traditional style, even for Scotty. I can say without a doubt, it's pretty much my putting stroke with that stick alone that keeps me around par golf. Without it, add 5 strokes easily. In the end, I guess I'm saying its all about confidence in...
This is absolutely true, especially with such a high swing speed such as yours. But you may want a pro to take a peek at your swing before messing with your equipment.
The muscle back as opposed to the cavity back will also have an impact on the lower trajectory. Graphite is obviously lighter than steel, you may want to check where the kickpoint is for your new graphite shaft. I play S300 in my Titleist 690.MB forged blades.
The shaft, in my opinion is the single most important component, especially in drivers. Without the proper shaft, the best head in the world simply will not work properly and produce a consistent trajectory even with solid ball striking.
Tough one, but it has to be Jack Nicklaus. We're both from The Ohio State University, and he's the best of all time with the most major championships. There are a ton of other players I also enjoy watching, mainly Tiger Woods I guess and even Sergio Garcia when he's ball striking and behaving. I've always liked Freddie Couples smooth swing.
New Posts  All Forums: