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i'm 5'8" and i cut my driver down 1 inch and that helped considerably. i think shorter guys need that.
i know without a video this may be hard. but is there a "rule of thumb" for what i may be doing wrong??.......i am topping or skulling most of my wegde shots. i think mentally i'm afraid if i swing "lower" i'll bring up a pound of dirt and the shot will only go 10 feet. so is there a general thing new golfers are doing wrong when they top the ball? Thanks in advance
newbie here...i still think its smart to stay away from clubs that aren't your friend. i recently took my 3w and 5w out of the bag and bought a used 4 hybrid. especially for us high handicappers its better to use the clubs we are better with and save the others for when we improve.
i would go all black like Mickelson.
also, don't forget about your balls!!! lol. i would suggest Titleist DT Solos, Srixon Q Star, Callaway Warbirds..... you want something similar with low spin to keep your ball straighter.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I will try the E6 soon. Once it warms up.
you can go to wrx forums and guys from that site are presently at the Callaway facility trying them all out with tons of pics...its on the pre-release equipment link. anyway, they are saying that the Big Bertha is a monster as far as distance is concerned.
i love Cobra. I just bought a S3 driver off ebay. love the E9 face. i have been researching drivers for a while and i knew it would help me get better contact since i'm a newbie to the sport. i've read the amp cell pro is a beast so i'm waiting for next year for the price to drop on the used ones. anyway, i love Cobra. even the baffler irons...how they help out the beginners like me. love that the company focuses on everyone.
i got an eagle on a par 4 from 180 yards out with a 5 hybrid. total fluke. i'm a newbie. was my 4th time ever golfing and i just started this april. so i kept the ball and glad my dad was there to see it so i have a witness. i kept looking all over for the ball......thinking, i know i didn't hit it over the green, then finally looked in the cup. sweetness.
keep the great deals coming!! i've already gotten 2 used clubs off your site this week alone!
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