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Is that during summerfest? If it's is I do plan on being in Wisconsin and will attend
Leaving for five days tomorrow, pebble here we come, weather looks great. Can't wait! Black horse , pebble(two rounds), Spanish bay(two rounds), spyglass, Monterey cc and San Juan oaks on the way home. That SHOULD knock the rust off!
Stan Thompson Ginty ...
Thanks good insight, I think I'm pretty well set for the week there. I'm sure you can play them many different ways like any course. I've set a goal to break seventy six on each one, I'm a very solid two so just knowing where not to hit the ball off the tees is my biggest challenge and also knowing when not to hit the driver.
Finally get to play today , club opened!!! Still some snow in parts of the bunkers and north side of hills. Later!
They also sent us this but it is not about shafts:  
Basically texturing a shaft for aerodynamic purposes has been banned....the old UST pro force is about the roughest texture you use ... The Grafalloy Long Tom shaft is also ok More coming soon.
I will be sure to post a few while I'm there just to rub it in a bit...lol joking:banana:
thanks, I've started prepping all my wedges .... One of my friends said I probably won't need my driver at pebble, he recommended just taking my 13* fairway and bringing a 64* in place of driver. Thoughts?
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