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Definately one of my favorite shows the finale was awesome an i loved how they through that surprise at the end cant wait for next season
I drive an 04 hyundai tiburon gt 6 speed extremely low to the ground i can fit one bag in the trunk with the backseat down need to get a new car gettin married in october :)
Agreed i just purchased these same irons few months back have about 4 rounds on em so far and love the forged feel of the iron as well as the size of the clubhead everything feels so right and you can take a divot without a bulky club head reducing the force throught the ground!A+ irons glad you went with the cb3s
Im ready to play me and my buddy joke everyday about gettin out and playin before we die or i get the text saying im moving packin my clubs u comin with? Haha Sittin in the middle of a snowstorm right now with ice in southwest ohio not looking like golf anytime soon :(
Got a little pat benatar playin "we are young" or love is a battlefield not sure haha something about the drums in this has my musical bone kickin
Shameless US version william h macy as a deginerate drunk dad and all the wild chaos the gallagher family goes through great comedy!! Also im a huge supernatural fan sometimes i think im a closey demon hunter haha And of course walking dead those are my 3 shows im watching every week currently
How is kittyhawk as far as playability i consider myself a more advanced golfer like challenging course i always see it on golf now but didnt know if drive was worth it.
I called all around today in southwest ohio no courses open and the snows melted away an almost 60 im depressed i need to play so bad i have an open wound ive been scratching
I will say i have become a closet graeme fan since reading about your experience david i will be rootin for him alot more great matches today as well i hope graeme makes it to the end for that 9million dollar purse!
Im not sure if you watched today david but graeme outlasts hunter mahan 21 holes to advance. Must have been that practice round he played with you a little while ago!
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