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I have this same issue, bad shot for irons is a hook, and a slice for driver. It's mainly when I forget to think about my 'swing thoughts'. For the driver I have to think about not letting my wrists get too far ahead of the ball at impact, so I think "pause hand position at bottom of swing" to let the club head catch up. This ensures my club face is square. I don't have to actively think about that for irons, maybe cuz they're shorter and have less wind resistance? Also...
Transition weight to the heel of my front foot (rather than toe) to fix my in to out swing, seems to work a treat for me as i just shot my lowest score ever, and shots are lot more consistently straight :-)
Update: made some progress, had my best round ever yesterday 85, 13 over. My handicap has reduced from 22 to 18.5.   The pro measured my weight transition on a force plate. Previously i was transitioning from my right heel (on BS) to my left toe (on FT) which led to the in to out swing. Concentrating on moving my weight to my left heel seems to straighten out my swing. So happy .
Ha! At some of the courses I play that IS a worry. Thanks for the comments, I guess that's something I should consider doing on the course if it's a bad day rather than just being stubborn and having a crap round.
So if I don't think about my swing I push fade it. Instructor measured my swing path was 15deg in to out. So he has me trying straighten that out but when I concentrate on that I hook it, starts at target then moves left. I'd rather fix the cause that work round it. What confuses me is that the vid shows me on plane on the way back and down, but after impact my hands keep pushing right a bit which could be the cause? I kept trying to swing left but couldn't, frustrating!
I can't stop hooking! I had a lesson with a TGM masters qualified instructor a couple of months ago who made some changes. Now rather than a push draw, I just can't stop drawing/hooking. The ball starts at target. Got another lesson coming up with him but would appreciate any thoughts.
The range is astro-turf so all shots roll out, in reality those shots for me tend to stick or roll back about 1 foot. I played a round yesterday and i measured some shots, results below. These are the distances I'm more used to, I think the ProTracer thing at my range is totally F'd. 5i - 1858i - 142Sw F - 103 So annoying, why can't they get these things right, whats the point in having a system with multiple pro endorsements and have it be wildly inaccurate.
My local driving range has this system 'Protracer' which shows the flight of the ball and the carry distance. I've been taking down numbers for a while to get yardage averages, check it out... Driver -262 3w -239 4h -221 5h -215 5 -207 6 -198 7 -187 8 -178 9 - 166 Pw F -155 Pw 9 -130 Pw 7.30 - 96 Sw F - 129 Sw 9 - 110 Sw 7.30 - 80 Lw F - 110 Lw 9 - 94 Lw 7.30 - 66 For wedges I take distances for full swing as well as 9 o'clock and 7.30 swings per pelzes...
Thought you'd all find this link interesting, I don't seem to follow it though as I'm a 22hcp and my drives carry between 240-260yds depending on the day... Just not always in the direction I intended 😊. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/blogs/theinstructionblog/2014/02/fitness-friday-fantasy-vs-real.html
Distance vs handicap doesn't always go as you'd expect. The below distances were the same when I was playing off 28, I'm now a 22hcp'r D 250 - 275 4h - 210 5h - 195 5i - 175 6i - 160 7i - 150 8i - 140 9i 130 Pw - 120 Sw - 110 60Lw - never hit it full but judging by previous posts by people that hit similar distances ... 70
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