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My tip is to pick one kind password for everything....then look at the name of the web page/forum/thing and add that to the end or at the start. If you want to make it stronger pick a list of digits and/or punctuation marks.   Eg if your password is 'fred' then password for here might be thesandtrapfred and your bank might be  hsbcfred12345 or ebay might be ebayfred12345;;   that way, you only have to remember your password = fred - then look at the main title or...
Thanks Earnest, will do.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ A few months and only played a few 9 holes but spent a long time on driving range & play(ed) other sports with racquet and bat quite well as a younger guy. My current handicap index or average score is: I have never played 18 holes My typical ball flight is: a decent height and I am happy with the distance. I feel pretty good at pitching on the range. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Mis-hits and shots that...
Hi All,    Original poster Sooper8 here.   I am going to post up a video of my swing tonight- go gentle on me    In fact, just be honest....(which might not be gentle, but it'll be the truth)   Thanks to all contributors
I only took up golf before Christmas (well, November) and I read this over the holidays.   I like it a lot. It has stuff for beginners and I love the pictures. I went to look at his swing on YouTube and it really is smooth and easy flowing. It's a style I would like to emulate as I am not into the idea of bashing it as hard as possible.   I confess, I don't get all of it but it's going to be my bedside book to keep referring to as I progress
Guys- I really appreciate all of these beginner tips.    I've been on the driving range almost every day over the holidays and I've been trying some of these ideas (sometimes just one at a time, sometimes a couple per day) and sometimes I just try to forget all of them and just swing the club.   One of the biggest improvements is that 90% of the time understand why I mis-hit or I didn't hit my target. I am even understanding what the changes in my swing do to the path...
Many thanks guys...'mystery' solved
Just picked up a very low price set of Ben Hogan forged steel clubs.   One of the clubs is marked 'E', which I am guessing is for 'escape'? (go easy on me here, I only just started playing and only know what I am picking up from here and YouTube)   But when I Goggle that and search here, nothing comes back.   So, is it 'escape' ? And is it for getting yourself out of a hole ?
I normally go for a 'Wrights Pies' but have recently found these Pat Gorman pies in Aldi to be most excellent! (so, that's what that little zipped pocket on my carry bag is for?...keeping a pie in?)
As the original poster, I'm just going to check I'm on the right track here.... So,before setting out, I'm going to read Ben Hogan's 5 rules. On the way to the course I'm picking up a pack of gum. When I get there, I'm not going to rush or think too much.I'm all nice and relaxed... When I scuff a few , I'm simply going to shake my head and smile at the wonderful learning curve I'm on. Then , while keeping my head still, and getting weight forward (but not swaying) and...
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