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Thanks! I noticed the hip slide too. Have never tried setting up with the spine tilted but will give it a shot. My grip is pretty neutral as far as thumb position but can definitely be palmy sometimes. Thanks!
Went to the range today and worked on keeping my front foot down in the backswing. Majority of my shots were DEAD STRAIGHT. I thought I would lose some distance but I guess keeping the foot down created more torque. Please critique away:   Face On View   Face On Slow Mo Down The Line View Down The Line Slow Mo
Nike Covert set at 12.5* Cobra Baffler T Rail 3W 16* and 5W 18* Cobra S3 Max 4h 23* I honestly could do without the 3W but I have room in the bag so I carry it. The 5W is more reliant if I want to lay up and not much shorter. Off the deck I wouldn't even dare hit it. It's main use is one long par 3 at my home course 215 yds. It seems like there's a gap between the 5W and 4h but the S3 flies off the face. I hit the 5W about 200-205 but the 4h is right there at about 190
Interesting. I usually start out well with bogeys and maybe a par and then around the 5th or 6th hole hit a shank and it'll take a few holes to recover mentally.
I've had similar rounds. Recently the shanks have been killing me. Shot a 52 but was on pace for my best 9 hole score till I got two 8s in a row. Went to the range after and was killing it. This game is so mental.
I feel you're pain man. I'm a teacher. However, we tend to get out earlier than other jobs and can sometimes hit the course around 330-4 PM and squeeze 18 in during twilight!
Congrats dude. I'm around the same level as you and am curious where you are losing your shots. No penalties and 34 putts for our level is pretty darn good. Are you having some mishits or purposely playing conservative to eliminate OOB? I'm not trying to be critical but am wondering because I just recently broke 100 (98) and what helped me break through was trusting my driver and having the luxury of being on a pretty open course. If it is mishits, then that will...
Most of the courses near me (NYC) don't have ranges but there are usually ranges nearby. It's a pain in the ass to have to go to both places but if I have the time, I definitely take advantage of them. When I'm trying to squeeze a round in after work though, I can live with hitting the first tee, doing a 5 minute stretch and a few practice swings. If I get there 10 minutes before twilight starts, then I might hit the practice green. As I gain more experience, I find that...
I find that the few birdie putts I've sunk, I was thinking "just hit it nice and easy. No pressure. Worst thing that happens is a tap in par." The ones where I think "I REALLY want this birdie." lip out. I would say for someone who has only played 4 rounds, focus on eliminating double bogey and the birdies will come. I've only been playing a year and I just checked on my app (SwingbySwing). I did actually get a birdie on my 5th round, but didn't get my 2nd birdie until...
23* hybrid and 58* wedge I would be hitting a lot of half shots with the hybrid but I would be prepared for any type of lie and would be accurate once I was inside 60 yards...putting would be interesting
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