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@RFKFREAK I'm gonna be in Albany Easter weekend. Any chance anything will be open?
Thanks Mike!
So I got a chance to sneak over to the range today and try this move out. As you'll see by the video, there is plenty of other ugly shit going on (inner part of my left foot coming up and still having trouble getting weight forward in follow through) but I DEFINITELY feel the difference in my hip turn in the back swing. I am approaching this swing change with low expectations at the beginning but to be honest this was no worse than a usual range session with my hip swaying...
I got directed to this thread due to my own swing thread and I can't wait to try this out. I don't see an opportunity to hit up the range in the near future but I've been practicing with a microphone stand in school. (I'm a music teacher) is it worth filming that?
I've done this too. Whenever I play Van Cortlandt Park in the city (oldest public course. No range. VERY crappy putting green), I end up going to Mosholu to warm up. What courses in LI are you referring to?
One thing about me that might explain that. Even though I swing lefty, in most activities I am righty. In beer league softball I would actually switch hit. Righty for power, lefty for accuracy. I'm definitely more powerful on my right side, but golf swing wise you don't get foul balls. I'm not really used to pushing off with my left foot too much, but I agree that does look pretty painful and definitely something thats not textbook.   I think the fact that I don't get my...
My practice routine is definitely quicker paced then it should be. I have a tendency to rush
Dusting the cobwebs off for the beginning of the season. When I hit the ball well I'm getting a gentle draw. My miss right now is a push though. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the video quality.   Face On Face On Slo Mo DTL DTL Slo Mo
A shot that comes to mind for me was when I was paired up with some hacker who was even worse than ME! It was a normal dribbling topped ball that I've done plenty of times, but what made it seem worse was what the guy yelled to me before he hit the shot:   "I just read Tiger's book. He said that he's hit the driver from the fairway a few times. I figure, why not try it?"
Hey All,   My wife planned a summer getaway down to Ocean City Maryland with some of her friends and their husbands. I was curious if anyone could tell me what courses I should look at playing. Here's what I'm looking for:   I'm a total hacker who likes playing courses around 6,000 yds. I also would like to keep green fees reasonable, preferably under 50 bucks (walking) if possible.   None of the husbands really golf, although I brought one of them to the pitch and...
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