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I teach in a middle school in the Bronx and this is totally true.
Have been doing good lately, only losing 1 or 2 each round (still haven't gotten the elusive ZERO) but got a BAD case of the shanks last Thursday and lost 6!!! My playing partner told me my tempo had gotten really quick and I need to get to the range and fix this pronto.
I hit 6 shanks and was mentally rattled. 
Subscribing to GQ is douchier than all of those sports combined
Add a 107 to that list from today...... Back at it again on Thursday
Better. Handicap has dropped from 29 to 26 and I feel like I'll be able to knock a few more strokes off before summer is done. I didn't get out this year until April, but here are my rounds starting from April and going to now. Once Summer started and school let out I was able to focus much more on my game, more range time and able to relax and play a full 18 without trying to rush home. I think the data below will show that Summer starting was a big reason for...
 OK THAT makes sense. I agree that precision with iron distance is more important but still it is tough to determine your "expected" iron shot if your average includes mishits. 
So you're average roll is only 5 yards? You must hit it high. I've always heard that (pending conditions obviously) your average roll amount on driver is about 10 percent of carry if it lands in the fairway.
The first time I birdied a par 4 it was alone. Craziest part was that I made a putt that was literally 40-50 feet. Played the same hole with a friend two weeks ago (its a 290 par 4, wide fairway, slightly downhill so obvious birdie hole) and birdied it again, this time by sticking a partial gap wedge to about 5 feet
I'm sure this has happened to some of you guys but thought I'd share a funny little thing that happened yesterday. I was getting ready to hit my approach on a hole that I always seem to over-draw/hook into the right bunker. Now this is a pretty deep bunker, but more important than that, is that I've had some ugly past experiences with it and am mentally owned by it. So anyways, the flag is way right, just next to this bunker. Of course the smart play is to hit to the...
New Posts  All Forums: