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I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver! Rory McIlroy -9 Ryan Moore -9 Vijay Singh -9
I've always thought traditionally it was 5-7 for mid irons and longer irons were longer and shorter irons were shorter.   Personally, I have the Top Flite XL hacker set and the irons go from 6 to a 42 degree 9 iron but there's only 1 wedge which is 50 degrees! I have 3 cleveland wedges (46, 54, 58) but I feel really weird including my GW with my irons but PW with wedges. Whatever, in the end it doesn't really matter cause I've been getting comfortable with which club to...
Have not even come close to an Eagle but came inches from holing out from a bunker last fall......so my high ass handicap answer is neither 
Thanks Mike. I don't really feel too uncomfortable changing certain swing mechanics and trying new things but I really need to keep reminding myself about the grip. I'll give it a whirl and get back to you.
I starting getting the hang of key 1 but I was overswinging ALOT and had trouble getting weight forward for key 2. I feel like I make best contact when I have a short back swing so I focused on that for this session and magically I was getting weight forward. I feel like a little bit of my sway came back but overall I feel like I've made some decent progress considering my golf time is limited until the summer. I appreciate all the advice I have gotten from you guys and...
definitely a picker but I'm having difficulty getting my weight forward at impact consistently and feel like once I get that straightened out, I'll be getting some decent divots.
PW for a bump a run type chip SW To fly it 2/3 to the hole with a little roll LW out of bunkers and when shortsided
I'm from NY but I happened to be visiting Boston this past weekend and played 9 at Newton Commonwealth (walking only). I never played it before and although the turf was a total swamp, I liked the layout....short but tricky. Hopefully I'll be able to visit again later in the season.
@RFKFREAK I'm gonna be in Albany Easter weekend. Any chance anything will be open?
Thanks Mike!
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