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A shot that comes to mind for me was when I was paired up with some hacker who was even worse than ME! It was a normal dribbling topped ball that I've done plenty of times, but what made it seem worse was what the guy yelled to me before he hit the shot:   "I just read Tiger's book. He said that he's hit the driver from the fairway a few times. I figure, why not try it?"
Hey All,   My wife planned a summer getaway down to Ocean City Maryland with some of her friends and their husbands. I was curious if anyone could tell me what courses I should look at playing. Here's what I'm looking for:   I'm a total hacker who likes playing courses around 6,000 yds. I also would like to keep green fees reasonable, preferably under 50 bucks (walking) if possible.   None of the husbands really golf, although I brought one of them to the pitch and...
That being said, still a fan of the Ryder Cup shhhhh
This story really makes me wish he had a more redeeming personality. There's nothing wrong with his INSANE competitive drive and desire to get revenge against Georiga Tech. It almost made me want to root for him....then I remembered he was a lying, cheating scumbag. I really hope he cleans up his act cause he clearly has the talent to be a star.
I only started REALLY playing 2 summers ago, so I'm sure I played worse than this but wasn't keeping score at all or cheating tremendously and still scoring too horrible too remember. Since committing to actually becoming a "golfer" in Summer 2013:   Best Round:   98 (48-50) at Pelham Bay Course in The Bronx 7/29/14 (I still have the ball!)   Worst Round:   122 at Maple Moor in Westchester, NY in April 2014...can't wait to go back there and kick this course's ass...
I only hit 3wd off the tee and am considering replacing my 5W with a 3H this upcoming season. If I go ahead with that change, I wouldn't have any woods that I hit from the fairway so yes!
I played occasionally as a kid and was TERRIBLE. My Dad was not a good teacher and I basically went out for the fun of it. I didn't touch any clubs again until 2 seasons ago and started taking the game seriously. I consider this my REAL beginning of playing golf since honestly I probably would have been better off NOT playing in my youth and developing bad habits. It took me almost exactly a year to break 100. My first time playing after probably a 5-10 year layoff was...
Throw back Thursday but googling draw vs fade brought me to this and this is how Infeel exactly. I started off as a huge slicer and learned how to (inconsistently) draw the ball but now when a shot calls for a fade it is so much easier. When the season starts up again I think I'm gonna try to work a fade a bit and see how it goes
Got a bunch of new clubs for Xmas and haven't had a good time to go try them out. Back on MLK Day I had off and my wife gave me the go ahead to hit the range (it was unseasonably warm) while our son took his afternoon nap. I was soooo excited to have some approved ball hittin time. Little man went to sleep, I grabbed the back went out to the car....and my battery was dead. 
Only 260.   I usually hit around 220-230 and have hit 250 + a handful of times but haven't had anything feakishly longer than my avg....yet
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