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I say no because now GPS technology confirms that I only hit my driver 240 instead of the 260 I "used to" hit 
Nike VRS Covert usually 12.5. When I feel like I'm hitting it straight I'll adjust to 11.5 but end up adjusting back up pretty quick. My goal is to eliminate side spin enough to stay at 11.5. I have a two way miss so backspin is essential to keep it somewhat straight.
@bossfrog I figured out how to relax my wrists and body while still maintaining torque at the beginning of the summer. I've been busy with a newborn son and haven't been able to embed this feeling as much as I'd like but I don't mind hanging with the little guy. As far as my mental game I usually start off rounds well but have trouble recovering after the first mistake (usually 4th hole) and take a few holes to begin trusting my swing again. Also, the fact that I know...
I've experienced this. I think it has to do with the fact that you KNOW the bean field shot "won't count" so you sub consciously relax and allow your body to hit a great shot. I think the key is having this relaxed yet still focused attitude out on the course. The funny thing is how much I know this to be true but still am so mentally undisciplined on the course, which I believe is the biggest reason why I am a 28.
I'm a teacher so weekdays in the summer are my go to golf time. Pelham Bay/Split Rock in the Bronx has Two-fore Tuesdays where its 34 bucks to play 18 with cart and Stonebridge out in Long Island has a deal on Tuesdays or Thursdays I think when it's twilight deals all day. For a golfer on a budget those are my jams.
I have off today for Rosh Hashannah (NYC School Teacher) but my wife still has work AND our 4 month old son still had daycare so I had today circled as a golf today for about 2 months. I haven't played 18 holes since early August and was looking forward to playing with one of my coworkers.   About two days ago the forecast for the Northeast got real nasty and we cancelled our tee time. It did rain today but not nearly as bad as we thought it would. I went to a par 32...
If that were my house, I'd skull a chip through a window by the 2nd week
Thanks! I noticed the hip slide too. Have never tried setting up with the spine tilted but will give it a shot. My grip is pretty neutral as far as thumb position but can definitely be palmy sometimes. Thanks!
Went to the range today and worked on keeping my front foot down in the backswing. Majority of my shots were DEAD STRAIGHT. I thought I would lose some distance but I guess keeping the foot down created more torque. Please critique away:   Face On View   Face On Slow Mo Down The Line View Down The Line Slow Mo
Nike Covert set at 12.5* Cobra Baffler T Rail 3W 16* and 5W 18* Cobra S3 Max 4h 23* I honestly could do without the 3W but I have room in the bag so I carry it. The 5W is more reliant if I want to lay up and not much shorter. Off the deck I wouldn't even dare hit it. It's main use is one long par 3 at my home course 215 yds. It seems like there's a gap between the 5W and 4h but the S3 flies off the face. I hit the 5W about 200-205 but the 4h is right there at about 190
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