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Anything with 1 hand I am righty, anything with 2 hands (hockey, baseball, golf) I'm lefty. Don't know why just am. I am decent at switch hitting though and when fooling around am not MUCH WORSE righty than lefty at golf.   I used to always hustle people when they wanted to play beer pong 1 on 1. I'd say let's do left hand and right hand like theyre two seperate people. Never lost. Maybe I should try the same with golf "Lefty drive, Righty approach, Lefty chip onto...
I voted 6i. I CAN play a 5i but why use that when I have my awesome Diablo Edge 5h?
Long par 3. Duck Hook my tee shot into water. Third shot from about 130 hits the edge of the elevated green and rolls down barely missing the bunker. I then chip in with my 2 day old 58* wedge from the location in the pic. Bogey saves are gold for my hcp!
For the third time in my short career I shot 100 on the nose and like the times before it was 50-50 on each 9. 36 putts, 2 GIR, 3 Pars, 3 penalty strokes. I chipped in from about 30 yds away over a bunker with my brand new Cleveland 58* wedge (holed one on the practice green before the round too....love this club) Going into the last 2 holes it looked like I was finished. 93 with a Par 3 and a long dogleg Par 4. Hit the middle of the green and 2 putt on the par 3. Sweet,...
My GW goes about 90-95 and PW goes about 110-115. If the PIN is 100 away and in the front of the green I'll choke down on the PW. If it's in the back of the green I'll hit a hard solid GW. If it's 100 to the middle of the green I'll hit GW if pin is in front or PW if pin is in back.
I hear ya, but it's not so nice when it slices late and lands OOB
I agree with this 100 percent. My Dad is the worst. EVERYTIME he says "nice putt" it lips out. I feel like he's jinxing it on purpose. Happens at least 2 or 3 times per round with him. As far as long drives that miss the fairway, some people do say it too soon, but other meatheads I play with think it's "nice" to crush your driver irregardless of whether it lands in the fairway or not.
I couldn't tell you as much in golf since I am a high handicapper and have not taken any lessons (yet), but as a music teacher I'll tell you that you need to be somewhat proficient with reasonable success at what you are teaching. The main reason is modeling. If you have piss poor technique, it is impossible to model correctly. Now you can use video of others, but barring any injury or disability you should be able to perform what you are asking your student to do. This...
Not sure who I would want to play WITH but I would definitely want to play behind The Flash.
I started using the whole "intermediate target" method and it has helped. I usually take a practice swing, then get behind the ball and find the target line and an intermediate target. I then get lined up, check my feet and shoulders and do some waggling. Last round I added 2 or 3 deep breaths before swinging. I just concentrated on my breathing (very zen, I know) and it really helped me relax before shots. Very big help....until I blew up on the 15th and got too pissed to...
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