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Jacks is iconic and just right for me. I agree that these guys could lighten up a bit, but I always respect guys who are able to show happiness while still acting like they've been there before (which Jack surely had.) Barry Sanders handing the ball to the official after dodging all 11 defenders comes to mind
We have a blizzard coming this week so today was my last chance to get a little practice in. There a turf fields in Riverside park which are great for short game practice. (And there's no signs I've seen that prohibit golf) It was warm enough to be outside but still enough snow on the ground that I figured the usual soccer hooligans wouldn't be there. Well there were some soccer players, but enough free space for me to practice 40 yd pitches. There were also some patches...
JI'm righty for everything else
Neither did I for awhile
 Here's a video of said drill. Got some liquid courage in me and broke out the 58*
Ok no worries. I'll prob be free some summer weekends too
I'll be up around Passover/Easter weekend. Not sure how free I'll be but I'll let you know if I'm available
I'm 30 and have a 7 month old. I'm a teacher though and he's in daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays so this summer I'll definitely be taking advantage of Pelhams "TwoFore Tuesdays". That's actually when I recorded my only sub-100 round. PM me this summer if you're in the city. I also play at Van Cortlandt alot. On a sidenote, I noticed you're from Albany and my in laws live up there. I've only played Western Turnpike but will let you know if I'm up there at all.
Between the weather, work and our new son, my golf time is almost none. The best I got is chipping with my 54* into the pack and play for 15 minutes if I get home before the wife. Would try the 58* but am afraid of shanking it into our 46 inch.
According to Zen Golf by Joseph Parent, it's not about "putting the gremlins back in the dungeon", it's more about just letting them roam, knowing they're there and not really caring. I know it might sound like the same thing to alot of people, but for me it's totally different. I used to always sabatoge my rounds by scorecard watching around the 14th hole when I was trying to first break 100. I shot 100 THREE TIMES and a ton of rounds under 105 early last season where I...
New Posts  All Forums: