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Thanks Crim. Too bad you re a righty 😉
This is an interesting thread because it was last year at this time that I started to seriously consider myself a (total hacker) golfer.   I owned clubs as a kid but only played here or there and was terrible. After being invited to play 9 with my brother (who is about a 15 HDCP)last August after not playing for probably 4 or 5 years I started to seriously work at being a "golfer". After a lot of hard work, last month I finally broke 100. I played a lot last fall, went...
I've had a 5 hour + round at Van Cortlandt but have had better luck at Pelham. Maybe because there's two courses there or maybe cause I tend to play there more during twilight (it's near work) and play Van Cortlandt more during peak hours. 
I just broke 100 recently. Two things I did that helped: 1) PRACTICE Driver I like so many of you have a love/hate relationship with the big stick. Over time, I probably would have a better score if I didn't use one and went straight to a fairway wood, but I also recognize the value of working on my driver at the range. The days leading up to that round I felt really good with my drives on the range. I hit 3 drives all over 250 (GPS verified) and in the fairway. A bunch...
Van Cortlandt?
Hit my first 260+ drive. (Which resulted in an easy par on a 405 yd hole) Still haven't gotten it consistently in the fairway but my confidence in my driver is growing.
13 holes without losing a ball!
58* Cleveland Wedge hands down
Thanks. When Im on its scary. Have only had the 58 for 4 rounds but its a game changer. However on the occasions I skull it over the green, it doesn't add to the putt total :)
Yea I'm 205 but only 5'9". People think stocky and muscular translates to a fast swing when really length is what helps. If I continue to get 250 consistently straight I'll rest easy the rest of my life.
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