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I do SW for everything 55 and in unless I need to get over something and stop quick (LW) or if I'm in a bump and run situation (usually PW but I'll chip with irons if the situation calls for it.)    I don't like using more than half swings with my SW but my GW I'll hit 55-100. I used to subscribe to the Pelz clock method but it was too mechanical with me. I like knowing those "tweener" yardages but then backswing to about a middle ground and use feel when I'm in between...
A topped or fat strike: "Nice layup"   A shot clearly into the woods: "I think it opens up over there"
I usually don't drink on the front, but do on the back. Here's my recent findings:   If I'm playing decent on the front (48-52) usually 1 or 2 beers loosens me up and I play great on the back.   If I'm playing bad on the front I usually drink more, go on tilt and my score suffers.   I think my avg score on the front is better but I've found myself playing GREAT more often on the back than the front
I think it is what you want it to be. When I want to get in 9 holes after work and no one is available, of course I'll play by myself. Of course, it's no fun to make a birdie that no one else sees. Playing with someone else gives you an opportunity to watch someone else and view your game from a different perspective. As far as people being afraid of the social aspect taking away their concentration on the game, I don't really agree. I can't remember where I read this and...
This weekend my fantasy football league (which has been around for over a decade) is having our draft in Atlantic City, NJ. 8 of us are going to be playing tomorrow before the draft. Most of us are hackers but a few guys played on the team in high school but play less nowadays. Even though this round is for shits and giggles, it's all friends of mine from back in the day, most of whom the last time I played with was when I was HORRIBLE. I'm really motivated to shoot a good...
PW-110 9i-125 8i-140 7i-150 6i-160 5h-170 4h-185 3h-200
I haven't played in 2 weeks and it will probably be another before I'm back on the course. My 1 year old accidently stepped on my balls. Ultrasound showed no significant damage but I've been advised to take it easy for a bit and I'm still in pain.
Good luck dude. If you don't mind me asking, what club in LI do you play at? I live in NYC now but grew up in St. James.
I'm Jekyll and Hyde with most areas of my game, but this season my most reliable has been my full wedges and irons on approach shots (90-160ish) I atribute a lot of this to REALLY knowing how far I hit the ball and making slight adjustments. Even when I over draw the ball or push it, it's usually pin high in the bunker, rough, woods etc
Thanks for the advice guys. And I used to use a 5s but now use an iPhone 6. Grip is one thing that has become a bad habit that's hard to break. Everything else I'm always trying to improve. Not sure why the grip is so tough to change.Good idea on narrowing the stance too.
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