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9th hole Hudson Hills in Westchester NY. Short par 3 right by the clubhouse. I shank my pitching wedge into a STEEP hill for a tee shot. Everyone else is either on green or fringe. I'm swinging at chest height and Bout to bust my ass on this hill but I still manage to hit it to about 10 feet and then sink it for par. Everyone else ends up with bogey.
51/55 at Hudson Hills in Westchester NY. While aim still on the verge of breaking 100, a 106 here was enough to beat everyone else in my foursome who usually all beat me senseless and shoot in the 90s Had 1 bird, 2 pars and 5 bogeys. What killedr was the holes that should have been doubles were quads. Too many blow up holes. Putting was good and my half wedge shots were great. If I could stay out of the trees and avoid fat fairway shots ill be in double digits in no time.
Visiting the in laws so I was a little out often element but found a nice executive course. Played holes at par 29 and shot a 37 including 2 birdies! I have only had one other birdie prior to today and although they were both on short par 3s hey a 2 is still a 2 right? 4/9 GIR and 17 putts. Got at least 2 18 hole rounds comin up later this week and I'm feelin confident that ill break 100 during one of em.
Played the back nine. Hole 10 is a 420 yd monster par 4 that I can never reach the green in 2. Hit my driver the usual 220 or so and then hit a low 5W 200 yds onto the green and 2 putt for par!   After 24 putts (on 9 holes mind you) numerous skulls over the green and fat mid iron shots I carded a 55. My hybrids, 5W and driver were totally on point. Looks like Im concerned about the wrong end of the bag.
If the weather holds out I'm gonna try and play 9 after work at Pelham Bay in the Bronx. Pretty wide open so I'm gonna drive most holes, sit the 3W and bag both the 5W and 3H, then try the 3W set at 16.5* at the range this weekend.
I think it'll probably depend on the course Lucsious. I'm still relatively new to the game and enjoy figuring out what works on the range but its good to hear reasoning from experienced players as well. When I drop the 3H on certain courses I never use 3W but on some others I usually play is prob use it off the tee 4 or 5 holes.
Thanks for the tip boogie. I've been hitting a little fat lately (the shitty weather doesn't help) so I've been hesitant to move anything to far forward. Ill give this a shot though
Thanks for the tips guys. As far as ball flight the 5W launches very high and the 3H has a much lower, piercing flight. On windy days I'll probably drop the 5W and on very wet days probably drop the 3H. My 4H goes about 175 and 3H about 185 so while on paper it looks like 19 or 20* would make more sense I think going 23* to 18* works fine for me. I'm gonna adjust the R11 and try it as a 16.5* 4W and then probably drop it....even though I LOVE it off the tee.
Hey all,   I have a club carousel going on. I need to drop one of the following:   15.5* TM R11 3W 18* Cobra Baffler T Rail 5W 18* TM Burner 2.0 3H   As far as gaps go the logical thing would seem like drop the 3H or 5W but I'm thinking about losing the 3W for the following reasons:   -I hit it probably 10-15 yds longer than the 5W off the tee but if I'm not using driver and want to lay up on a hole, that probably means I'm OK with losing 10-15 more...
Weakness: Driving consistency/distance When my driver behaves my max drive is around 230 and that isn't all the time so I usually end up using my 3 wood which goes about 200 yds. This makes long par 4's tough for me. I also really suck out of bunkers Strength:Short Irons I'm totally dialed in from my GW to my 8 iron. Consistent distance and usually very straight. I worked a lot with my 7 iron and SW at the range to try and expand my comfort zone. Will see if this has...
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