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I'm a bigger guy 5'10" 235 and I actually play a better back 9 than front. I don't have fatigue issues. My teacher had me focus on tempo and not swinging out my shoes. Since then I have been able to stay consistent as far as distance although I did lose distance across the board because my back swing is shorter now. But the good news is I have a repetitive swing and consistent ball flight. I have been working on losing weight and am down from 270 but I'm a long way from...
I did at one point late last year. I couldn't hit my driver and lost all confidence. But I noticed with my 3 wood that I was getting max 210-220. So I went back to work and basically reworked my driver from the grip up. Taped myself at the range and took notice on what worked and what didn't. I found my issue was I was trying to force myself to hit the driver on the upswing and when I struck down I was more accurate hitting much better. All of that was to say you may...
I'm late to this thread but I found that although golf is considered a gentleman's game, some times it's no where near that. I was playing with a older man yesterday and he was telling me that he's a 4 handicap but he couldn't drive accurately or putt very well. I know it could have been a off day. He constantly made points about how he hits his drives 265-280 but I was out driving him all day. Most of my drives are about 230-240ish. I was hitting my 3 wood farther than...
Lee Westwood -9 Jim Furyck -9 Vijay Signh -9
Luckily I live in the Los Angeles area and I don't have to join a country club to play great golf courses. I can travel less than 20 minutes up to 2 hours and play some world class courses in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego, Orange County and of course LA. So thankfully I have no idea what the draw is to belong to a country club
I started hooking about 9 months ago. I couldn't figure it out and then one day a random stranger teamed up with me asked why I was so far away from the ball. I said I didn't realize I was far away from the ball. I started making an effort to stand more upright. No more hooking. Not saying you are standing far away from the ball. There are probably 20 different reasons why people hook BUT I could have solved my issue much faster if I just recorded my swing.
I just signed up and I am playing around with it now adding my favorite courses. I like to keep all my stats on a separate scorecard but who knows I may love this way.
I'd like to swing it just to see the ball flight.
Ricky Fowler -9 Adam Scott -10 Phil Mickelson -11
With golfnow, greenskeeper, golfzing and many other choices golf is much cheaper now than when I started playing just 6 years ago. When I first started playing you had to wake up at 6 am to call and book your earlier morning tee time. It's crazy how much less I spend now compared to just recent history.
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