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Sirs,   The following is an example of:   - A Lower body that does not thrust in a manner that costs him the ability to maintain his forward tilt until after the ball is hit. - A Lower body that does not thrust in a manner that forces his swing plane to raise vertically and unintendedly send the baseline out to the right   Iacas, if this is not offering my thoughts in an informational context, I guess I deserve another timeout  
The Lower Body Truth:
I'm glad you got rid of that BogeyBogelThorpe right away. He is a NO GOOD troublemaker.In order to stay on topic, here is a pic of his lower body action
Well,I'm trying to make the point that how you pivot will have a direct effect on your impact conditions. One of those elements would be the state your hands and wrists would be in.Also, I am a TRACKMAN owner. So, I'm able to clearly verify the effectiveness of my hairbrained theories every day. Thank you Dr. Tuxin for enabling me the ability to finally provide the burden of proof
Dear TheSandTrip Community, I've had some time to evaluate my behavior during my 1 hour detention. I'm going to clean up my act and walk the straight and narrow from now on. Yes boss for me from now on. I like wrist conditions that are level and not uncocked at impact. I think it's easier to control AoA, Resultant Path, Face, and Dynamic Loft. What do you fellas prefer ?
Howessenever is Richard Pryor.iacas, please don't scold me. This is a direct answer to a direct question. Which would be sharing substantive information
I apologize for the lack of precision between photos. Howessenever, they both convey the motion I'm trying to instill
I did it with golf balls this time hoping that its less offensive than rocks.The yellow balls would be the right hip motion from address to its impact location which is designated at the red tee:
I beg your pardon. I put these rocks on the ground for my students to look at when I'm trying to teach the pivot
This is a trace of Ben Hogan's right hip in a 3d model called Blobman, developed by Gregg McHatton.The rock at the top right corner is his hip at address.Everybody please quit being so mean to me. I'm fragile
New Posts  All Forums: