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I couldn't find a place in your post to put my credit card number.  I must have missed it.
Oh, believe me, I have.  I started this whole renewed golf thing by looking at some golf books and instruction.  I never broke 100 for the years I played but I never really took what I was doing seriously.  It was more just goofing off.  I am a bit more mature (kinda) and more serious about it.  I am buying the ebook momentarily.  Thanks.
Anybody have the Kindle version of this?  Some books lose image quality in Kindle versions.  I am guessing there are quite a few diagrams in this book.  
Is it the same guy doing this over and over or different people trying to hawk different stuff?  I played golf from about 13 years ago until 5-6 years ago (said 4 earlier, didn't realized it had been longer than that).  Wasn't any real forums that I followed back then.  I can imagine this trash on some of the real estate investment forums I have seen.  This seems on par with the "One Simple Trick" advertisements you see sometimes.  Or even better is the "The One (!!) Thing...
This is my first post and this thread caused it.  I have lurked here for just a little bit and I don't know this forum that well but this thread reflects poorly on what otherwise seems to be a great site.  This thread serves no purpose and might I suggest it is deleted.  Looking forward to picking up golf again after a 4 year hiatus.  
New Posts  All Forums: