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It depends on how much you want to curve it. If I need to hit a huge, low cut I am going to pull out a 4 iron. Setup with an open stance and the club face more open than normal. I actually try to alter my swing path and swing out to in while leaving the face open and adding a great deal of shaft lean. Another option if you only need a small cut/would rather not try to alter your swing path is to set up with an open stance, open club face and take a normal swing while...
I'll powder the face and check the next time I am at the range. Will also look at getting a video to start a swing thread. 
Not all that new but as I keep improving as a player this is now my major weakness. Last few rounds my driver has probably averaged 2 penalty strokes a round on a wide open course from putting it in hazards. I don't really care about whether I play a draw, fade or straight ball with driver, I just want to be able to do one consistently enough without huge curvature.
I'm having issues with consistency using this method. Trying to hit up on the ball and approximately half are very straight or a small pull fade. The other half are either large pull draws or a straight fade that starts dead center and slices 30+ yards. Any thoughts what is going on with these misses? Ball position too forward? Hitting too far up on the ball?
 The distances between tees varies on each hole. For the hole you overlook the difference might be 10 feet, for another hole it might be 75 yards. You should go to a driving range and see how difficult it is to consistently hit a ball on target. You bought the house on the golf course, you assume the risk. It sounds like you also purchased a house in one of the worst possible locations (a short to moderate distance in front of the tee boxes). Perhaps you should have done a...
Get the lessons but make sure you get them from a reputable instructor. I went with lessons upon starting and had a rather poor instructor. He was able to hammer in the concept of weight forward but wasn't good at teaching much else. If you want to develop a few good habits before you start lessons take a look at the 5 simple keys videos and begin with mirror work! It will be much more productive than heading to the range and just beating balls initially.
It completely depends on what you need to improve as to which is more effective. As a 35 handicap I'd imagine you still have major flaws in technique. I would recommend fixing those for pitching while taking lessons or practicing the full swing. I'd suggest starting with the pitching technique posted in instruction and playing tips (will link to it later when I'm not on my phone). It's pretty easy to learn, fairly forgiving and will at least allow you to get the ball on...
A procedure similar to drops for water could be used. Drop in the exact location of where the other ball was or in a direct line behind it as far back as you would like to go, no closer to the hole of course. I'm sure there are other issues with my proposed change (that will never happen, yes, I recognize this) but I doubt that they couldn't be solved relatively easily.
Although I still believe it would be a reasonable rule change, I do like these arguments:   On another side note, what on earth is going on with my picture. I definitely didn't set it up to be anything. Is the default barney just to get people to change it? Note to self, change it when I get home tonight :D
Subtlety has never been your strong suit! But, like I said, we will have to agree to disagree. If you know your ball is one of the two and you intentionally take the worse lie/position you gain nothing. I believe that is a more reasonable (and saves time) solution than the current rule of reteeing. Perhaps i'm too young and too new to golf to value the tradition of golf as heavily as you. And to reiterate again, I agree the solution makes it irrelevant but for some reason...
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