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No my driver is 10.5 i never said it was 7.5, sorry for confusion. And I'm not just keeping the 4 iron for sure because it goes with my set. I really like it and hit it well.
I carry my 4 iron about 185-190. I carry my 4 hybrid 195-200. And my 5 wood 210-215. I really like my 4 iron and the reason I want to switch up the other clubs is 1) I think I want a 3 wood so I can hit it 10-15 yards further so if on a short par 4 I can comfortably hit it as well as reaching more par 5s. And then I'm thinking I should get about a 3 hybrid (19*) to have a good gapping.
Wow that helps a ton thank you!
Ok thanks! Anyone else? Clubs to try? A different degree setup?
That's smart. What 3 wood and 3 hybrid do you play with. What degree also?
Pressure, always choking at the end. And putting
I need help figuring out my setup for my longer clubs. I am a 9 handicap and currently have driver, 5 wood (19*), 4 hybrid (22*), and 4 iron (24*). This setup is just too close together. I am forsure keeping my 4 irons because it belongs with the rest of my Titleist AP2 set and I love the 4 iron. So what I'm asking is what should my degree setup be. I'm think 4 iron, 3 hybrid, then 3 wood? What's your guys setup? And if you recommend a setup maybe give a club to try for...
-Go from consistently shooting low 80s to consistently shooting in the 70s. -not lose temper -play every day
I take about a 70% practice swing just to get feel of the grass. Then I get behind ball, picture the shot, get up and hit.
Ok thanks for the feedback. Do you know if you can do that same thing with uploading a video if your on an iphone? Ill try and get a face on film as soon as I can. Thanks!
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