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I would say stiffer flex do have a tenancy to go right, possible the torque release as the hands rotate through. Grip thickness is another major factor. Thin encourages a hook, so check this also.
This is very common with all the Callaway made Ben Hogan, I had set of FTX same thing, put a little bit of good super glue on on the ferrel and using soft jaws in the a vice or vice grip twist the ferrel back into position. I wasn't too crazy on my set of ftx they hit the ball very low. I've 3 sets of the 99s apex, set of 92s and 79s, did have a set of 03s also by Callaway but too small a sweet spot for me. The Ben Hogan hybrids are absolutely incredible, also by...
The Ernie 94 swing was one of the greatest swings of all time, huge power, balance very little head movementelly as good as it gets Hogan, Faldo, Watson whom ever. I really believe hadn't tinkered with it and stuck with his coach at the that time he would have won alot more majors. Anyone know who was his coach then.... I’m pretty sure it was a South African
People he is a white Aussie, and they are usually straight talking and shorten everything. But I don't believe he or most Aussies would treat anybody differently based upon the colour of their skin. My daughter is complete mix and she will grow up proud of all of them
Harmon is the man, I think Westwood should take a close look, but agree it more about putting and mental side
Don't insult Faldo he may have been in his own world on the course, but he was straight talking. I remember at Augusta 96 3 iron into 13 " caught it a little fat for more roll on it" ;) then a big laugh I think it was on day 3
There was some interesting articles in golf world magazine, basically with the same opinion on Woods. I read and seen alot of positive thing about Nicklaus and Hogan. Can't wait for Augusta, would love to c Els give it a real crack this year....
Only know of two good putters to put this way Harrington and my brother, tried it myself and really didn't improve thing much in the long term, my recommendation is to get a belly putter practice with it then try to get the same feel of the stroke with ur conventional putter
Just got one 650 with stock stiff shaft will let u know when it arrives but reviews look very good. I use the 630 driver absolutly love it that I bought a 2nd one!! Just incase.
MVMAC thank u so much, have never seen these before have power golf but not with these photos in it
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