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I just want to say most of digital putting trainer in the world is ranged btw. $300~400 because they have to buy the core sensor from outside. But I strongly agree these are still worthy because distance training give direct effect on your score. Need to study and survey this kind of device for your easy putting life, or you have to go to green everyday
If it look like AD, I'll stop here. Sorry.
Hi, I guess you already see this.... http://thesandtrap.com/t/67362/puttist And here is something from googling... http://www.examiner.com/review/the-puttist http://usgolftv.com/the-puttist-golf-training-aid-video-and-blog-review/ http://smashinggolf.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/tired-of-3-putts-me-too-i-am-practising-with-the-puttist/
PUTTIST is not a mat anymore Mat era is over since 2009.
Yes, it is...It's almost done here via my smart phone....The olny problem is the market price. I think it need some time, so people think PUTTIST is valuable for around $200.~$250. About $200~ is still the cheapeat one in the world, which have the function of 45 ft distance, accuracy alarm and unique programs. Thx,
Very interesting...especially for me. I'm Douglas Kim, the inventor of PUTTIST. For the price, we need to consider the price per feet(length) for putting mat from now. An also price per using time. I agree you are almost Stimp, green speed is 11.5 for Fast mode, which is 3.5meter. Here in Korea, we use meter. What is your best score for 7 random? 7 is the maximun and best. Very hard but addictive. [111] is the best for ttt mission. Now you can understand whole thing of...
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